Introducing VideoStudio 2018!

A note from the VideoStudio Product Team

Hello VideoStudio community!

It’s an exciting day for the Corel video product team as we unveil VideoStudio 2018.

We know our users depend on VideoStudio for its simplicity, power, and creative control. And with VideoStudio 2018, we’re making sure you never have to choose between ease-of-use and sophisticated, high-level features.

Get started and the first thing you’ll notice is that VideoStudio 2018 offers a streamlined, smarter, and more intuitive editing environment. It’s never been faster or easier to achieve the impressive results and stunning movies you want! New and long-time users alike will quickly discover that our new VideoStudio maximizes flexibility and delivers a customizable editing experience you can make your own.

Whether you choose Pro or Ultimate, we’ve introduced new creative features to help you transform your photos and videos into movies that will wow any audience. Here’s a quick snapshot of the highlights:

Complete your projects faster (and easier) than before

We’ve simplified the editing workspace and made it quicker for you to make movies. Quickly access commonly used editing tools like resize, crop, and align media from directly within the preview pane. Plus, now you can set cue points or DVD chapter markers right in your timeline, thanks to new hotkeys.

Bring it together with Split Screen

VideoStudio 2018 adds Split Screen Video, a fun new way to showcase multiple streams of footage simultaneously.

Take your 360° even further

VideoStudio gives you everything you need to edit your 360°degree videos. New Lens Correction tools help you remove distortion from wide-angle or action camera footage with easy-to-use presets and controls. Preview your 360° degree video before you export in the new 360 preview window. And when you’re done, export directly to YouTube 360, Facebook, Vimeo, and your VR headset.

Keep eyes on the action with new Pan and Zoom controls

Ramp up your creativity with Pan and Zoom controls that now enable you to apply visual and pan effects with custom motion paths.

Make your own animated movie, frame by frame

VideoStudio’s Stop-Motion Animation already stands out in the industry by giving you the powerful tools you need to precisely capture your movie frame-by-frame. Now it’s even more flexible with added support for Nikon cameras as well as more popular Canon cameras.

Take full advantage of your hardware investment

Optimized for the latest acceleration technologies from Intel and NVIDIA, enjoy smoother and faster rendering to popular file formats, including new XAVC S to SD card authoring capabilities.

Of course, if you’re looking for maximum power, make it Ultimate!

Beyond all this, VideoStudio Ultimate 2018 also gives you access to an array of new options. Draw your audience’s attention and set a cinematic tone with customizable 3D motion titles. Create your own Split Screen templates for a custom look. Plus enjoy new animated title templates from NewBlue Titler Pro 5 and explore new 2D and 3D title options with Boris Title Studio.

We’re proud to offer a video editor that pairs a range of fun and sophisticated features with unmatched simplicity. To learn more about the new VideoStudio 2018 family, check out the video below, see the new features in action in our tutorials, or download a free trial today.

On behalf of the entire team, thank you for choosing VideoStudio!

Michel Yavercovski
Senior Director, Product Management

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  1. dsmarty68 says

    I click on ‘Introducing VideoStudio 2018’ in my new VideoStudio 2018 Welcome page and it brings me to this empty page. Lame

  2. Christian RICHARD-FOY says

    Problème de compatibilité avec PowerDirector16. La mise à jour ou le pack1 empêche PowerDirector16 de se lancer. J’ai tous les” VidéoStudio” de Corel depuis plus de 10 ans et je n’ai jamais eu le moindre souci, sauf avec la version Ultimate 2018 qui plante. Windows 10 avec ses MAJ permanentes ne facilite pas la tâche des développeurs. Dommage car le produit semblait très abouti bien que ne prenant pas la fonction CUDA indispensable quand on travaille en Full HD ou en 4K.
    J’attend les corectifs au plus vite.

    • Adam says

      Hello Chrisitan,

      To clarify, was there a VideoStudio update that you installed which appears to be causing issues with PowerDirector? The two programs do not interact, and as we do not own PowerDirector we would not be able to offer any suggestions for how to fix it. Is it possible there was a recent Windows update that may be causing this issue?

      Discovery Center Team

  3. Les Marton says

    How do I load project files from previous versions? It just sits there and ignores them; from both CVS 9 and CVS10,5

    • Adam says

      Hello Les,

      Are you using the trial version of VideoStudio 2018? If your project includes Ultimate edition content, DVD menus, or other materials not included in the VideoStudio trial, it may not load the project file correctly.

      Discovery Center Team

      • Ruud Scheidel says

        I have DVD menus in projects of CVS9 Ultimate. Will you make it possible tp load these projects in Ultimate 2018 in future or should I continue with CVS9?

        • Adam says

          Hello Ruud,

          Yes! As long as you have the Ultimate content installed in VideoStudio 2018, it will load those older projects using the VSPX9 Ultimate content.

          Discovery Center Team

  4. Don Reed says

    Hi We just loaded coral 18 and cant get started. Tutorial does not match the first screen???
    please help

  5. Mitchell says

    Need a way to choose not to install the Sample Content, or remove it. It’s literally always there and there is no way to remove it hide the folder.


    Why can’t those of us who have no need for this co tent remove it. It’s like 250MB. That’s a lot on a 128GB SSD, especially when the app already used 8GB.

    This seems so obvious, yet the developers have still not addressed this issue which has existed at least since the X9 version (initial version I purchased).

    Not upgrading.

    • Mitchell says

      Also, what exactly is CUD A used for. The information on this is so thin, that it mind as well not be mentioned. No one who wouldn’t understand an explanation even know what CUDA is…

      • Adam says

        Hello Mitchell,

        CUDA is an Nvidia technology present on their video card that more efficiently breaks out complex nonsequential programs (like video processing!) into dozens, hundreds, even thousands of separate tasks, each handled on a different core. If you have an Nvidia card, look for a tech spec with a number of ‘CUDA cores’ to find out how many yours has!

        If you want a more complete explanation of CUDA technology, Nvidia would be the people to see. Here’s a link to the CUDA Zone page on their web site with more details.

        Discovery Center Team

    • Adam says

      Hello Mitchell,

      Thank you for the feedback! Currently the Sample Content is installed by default, and can be removed manually by navigating to C:\Program Files\Corel\Corel VideoStudio Pro \Samples\ and deleting the appropriate content.

      Hope this helps!
      Discovery Center Team

  6. says

    Purchased VideoStudio Ultimate 2018. Help!!!! I’m trying to create files that are event specific from 10 video files. Someone tell me how to extract certain parts of a video and save into event specific files such as birthdays, holidays etc. Please help, thanks Julie

    • Adam says

      Hello Julie,

      Welcome to VideoStudio! It sounds like this is your first foray into video editing, so a good place to start would be our set of tutorials, Beginner Video Editing Techniques. While we would suggest going through everything at one time or another, the tutorial most relevant to what you are trying to do is our tutorial on trimming video footage. We would suggest starting there!

      Hope this helps,
      Discovery Center Team

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