How to Make Great Social Media Posts

How to Make Great Social Media Posts

One of the easiest ways to keep customers thinking about your business is to have an active presence on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. These platforms give you a quick and easy way to reach your audience, and while their paid ad platforms are excellent for reaching new customers, having a page where existing customers can reach you with questions, be notified of sales or special events, and just be reminded by posts of your existence will go a long way towards keeping those customers engaged with your business.

The simplest way to achieve this is to post pictures and photos. Pictures are by nature eye-catching, easy to produce, and don’t require any work on the end of the customer – it takes a lot of time and investment to watch a video or read a long post, but very little to look at a single image.

So what sort of posts should you make? Here are a few quick tips to get you started.

Use Bright Colors

Both Facebook and Twitter, the most popular social media platforms, use light blue and white backgrounds. In order to stand out on a user’s feed, an image should have strong contrast to the background colors, so it jumps out to the eye. This will also help your pictures compete with the constant stream of posts any social media user is subjected to. The goal is to get their eye to naturally catch on the image as they scroll past – having strong contrast with the background will help with that.

Stay on Topic

Remember that people follow your business page because they like your business – they are interested in your products, or information about upcoming events, or fascinated by the type of work you do. That means that, unless you’re a restaurant critic (or run a restaurant), they don’t care what you had for breakfast this morning! Nothing loses followers faster than straying too far away from the core reason people followed you in the first place – it’s fine to have the occasional off-topic post if it follows a theme, but if every photograph is off-topic, you’ll quickly find yourself being removed from users’ feeds.

If people follow a burger joint, they do it because they like burgers – what they want from that burger joint’s page is occasional news about burgers, frequent pictures of burgers, and, especially, sales on burgers.

Be Sparing

People following your posts don’t expect you to post every hour – or even necessarily every day. Make sure you have something useful to post before posting. Be sparing also within the posts themselves – no one wants to read a giant wall of text on their Facebook page, or scroll back through twenty consecutive tweets. A good Twitter rule of thumb is that if you can’t say it in the character limit, don’t say it on Twitter!

Plan Ahead

One of the key reasons to maintain a social media presence is to remind your customers that you exist – you can’t do that if you aren’t posting! If you write a few posts or take a few pictures in advance, you’ll be able to keep posting even when nothing newsworthy is happening with your business or when inspiration doesn’t strike. A good rule of thumb is to always try to have two weeks’ worth of content available – that way, you’ll be prepared even when something else needs your attention for a long time. Just make sure to keep the posts relevant and on-topic.

Keep Out of Politics

This is really an extension of staying on topic, but it bears repeating: if political or religious commentary isn’t part of your business plan, don’t do it! Facebook and Twitter are a lot like a family reunion: everyone is happier if you keep politics out of it. There’s also no faster way to find yourself the target of aggressive and hateful posts from people completely unrelated to your customer base, which makes your job much harder as you have to devote time and effort to deleting those posts.

Be Funny

The most popular social media messages are funny ones – humor is the easiest thing to react to in a picture scrolling past on a feed. If something funny happens to you at work – the printer makes a mistake, a shelf falls over in the warehouse, or a bizarre exchange with a customer takes place – post it! That’s the sort of extra that people are looking for when they follow your channels (although exercise discretion! Some businesses aren’t suited to being funny – if you run a funeral parlor, you may be best off keeping off social media altogether).

Of course, if you put too much effort into being funny, you might accidentally run in to the next point:

Don’t Try Too Hard

Social media users have very low tolerances for businesses that are obviously trying too hard to be cool. Keep it simple! There’s no need to scour the internet for funny cat videos – if your customers were looking for those, they could easily find them on their own time.

Reward Followers

The best way to attract and keep followers is to make it worth their while. Exclusive sales, contests, and discounts are perfect for doing this – your followers feel appreciated if you give them something not available to anyone else, which makes them want to start and keep following you, and buy from you when they do. Social media is all about building a connection with your customer base, a little bribery never hurt when trying to forge that connection.

Want to up your social media game? Watch our video tutorial on how to create your own memes (photos or images with humorous text). Not only will these delight your users – memes are easy to share and spread about the Internet, increasing your social media presence and reach.


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