Painter 2019 Update and NEW Brush Packs!

We just released our first update to Painter 2019! As part of our commitment to bringing you the best digital art suite for professional artists, we packed in all kinds of improvements and introduced compatibility with macOS Mojave (10.14)!

Get Update 1 Now

Painter 2019 Update 1 has already started rolling out, so keep watching for your in-app notification. Don’t want to wait? Visit our Patches & Updates page to download the latest update right now.

New Brush Packs

We’ve also released 16 new brush packs that open up a whole new world of creative possibilities, whatever style or media you prefer. Check out the tutorial videos below to see them in action. You can purchase these new brush packs from the Discovery Center store or the Get More tab on the Painter 2019 welcome screen.

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Bob Ross Inspired Brush Packs

Sunset Aglow (only available until March 31, 2019)

Dive deep into a world filled with happy little clouds and trees as you paint just like Bob Ross. You’ll find everything you need in this brush pack to create your own interpretation of Sunset Aglow. Endorsed by Bob Ross Inc.©

Blue Moon (only available until March 31, 2019)

Create a digital paradise with crashing waves, lazy trees and a glowing moon. This brush pack includes everything you need to paint Blue Moon, an iconic artpiece by Bob Ross. Endorsed by Bob Ross Inc.©

Shades of Grey (only available until March 31, 2019)

Recreate a masterpiece with only two colors required from your color palette! Follow along with the tutorial and you will be amazed as you watch your very own interpretation of Shades of Grey by Bob Ross come to life. Endorsed by Bob Ross Inc.© Compatible with Painter 2018+

Campfire (only available until March 31, 2019)

Watch sparks fly as you heat things up with a campfire nestled in a beautiful forest. This Bob Ross brush pack will enable to you create all the elements to bring your campfire to life. Endorsed by Bob Ross Inc.© Compatible with Painter 2018+

Multi-purpose Brush Packs

Rust and Patina

Turn any element in your artwork into an antique by painting cracks, rust and tarnish. Add years to your objects and scenes with just a few brushstrokes. Compatible with Painter 2017+ and ParticleShop.

Sand and Soil

Enhance your digital paintings with incredibly realistic earth elements whether you’re painting a dusty and bumpy path in the middle of the woods or the clay as old as time at the bottom of the ocean. Compatible with Painter 2017+ and ParticleShop.

Trees and Foliage

You will be amazed at how beautifully these brushes replicate Mother Nature’s greenery. Add depth and realism to your artwork as you paint expansive fields, shrubs and bushes, trees tall enough to reach the sky or weeds growing in your garden. Compatible with Painter 2017+ and ParticleShop.

Splish and Splash

Have fun painting with brushes that smear, splatter and sparkle in unexpected ways! The colors will dance around your canvas adding excitement and energy to any work of art. Compatible with Painter 2017+.


Replicate the wear, damage and age only time can form with the Cracked brush pack. Add natural depth and drama to objects or scenes, create an antique or vintage effect and paint realistic raw elements with ease. Compatible with Painter 2018+.


Daisies, Dracaena, Lavender and Roses have never been so simple to paint. Whether your digital art style is realistic or whimsical, you can create a garden full of blossoming buds with ease and precision. Compatible with Painter 2018+ and ParticleShop.


Birds of a feather flock together. The Feather brush pack is equipped with light but detailed brushstrokes designed to elevate your digital artwork to a new level. Experiment with Parrot, Peacock, Raven and Pheasant to make your canvas soar. Compatible with Painter 2018+ and ParticleShop.


Enhance your digital painting with brushstrokes that emulate natural elements with distinct characteristics. Create a realistic wilderness landscape, add age and character to furniture or bring life to an old oak tree in the backyard. Compatible with Painter 2018+ and ParticleShop.


Spraying, pouring, misting, flowing or splashing. This brush pack contains the essential tools to create the natural motion of a liquid in any form. Compatible with Painter 2018+ and ParticleShop.

Coral Reef

Create an aquatic utopia under the sea. Showcase the beauty of seagrass, kelp and coral living together in perfect harmony. Compatible with Painter 2018+ and ParticleShop.

All That Glitters

The All That Glitters brush pack is the icing on the cake! Effortlessly enhance your digital artwork with a pinch of sparkle, shimmer or highlight that not only completes your artwork, but transforms it into a masterpiece. Compatible with Painter 2018+ and ParticleShop.

Slow Motion

Slow it down or speed it up with this versatile brush pack designed to add high impact to any piece of artwork. You’ll find a bunch of fun ways to make use of these multipurpose brushstrokes to achieve a variety of different looks from chaos and distortion to soft wisps and rays. Compatible with Painter 2018+ and ParticleShop.

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