Painter Written Tutorials

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Painter Written Tutorials

This collection of written tutorials from our Painter Masters and product experts will provide you with a wide range of learning, from how to use some of the key tools and features, to specialized projects like designing a book cover or painting a comic book page.

Creating an Image Hose

The Corel Painter Image Hose is like a brush that lets you spray images. Follow this tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how you can create your own custom Nozzle that paints with images you’ve created.

Portrait Painting Simplified

In this written tutorial, you will learn how to use the cloner brush category to create beautiful portraits. The Cloner Brush category is one of the most powerful features of Corel Painter, and this step by step tutorial will show you how to put it to good use. Follow along as Painter Master Heather Michelle transforms a photograph into a stunning work of art.

Painting Landscapes from Photos

In this tutorial, Painter Master Karen Sperling will show you how she turned a landscape photo into a painting in Corel Painter.

Make Your Wedding Photos Unique

In this tutorial, Painter Master Karen Sperling will demonstrate some techniques for creating a painted portrait from a wedding photograph.

How to Design a Book Cover

In publishing, a book’s cover can make or break its success. The cover is often the public’s first conversation with the book so it needs to start off with the right impression. The most difficult aspect of any book design is simply being noticed.

Turn a Photo into a Painting with Cloning

In this tutorial, Painter Master Don Seegmiller will show you how to take a photograph and create an image that looks like a painting using the cloning tools in Corel Painter 12. It’s a great way to personalize an image, or add some artistic flair to your Instagram feed!

Plein Air Digital Painting

In this tutorial, Painter Master Cliff Cramp shows you how he created a digital plein air painting using Corel Painter.

Painting Chun-Li in Corel Painter

In this tutorial, Painter Master Mike Thompson shows you how to paint Chun-Li from the popular Street Fighter® video game series, which is produced by Capcom®.

Creating Impressionistic Portraits with Watercolors

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make an impressionistic portrait in Corel Painter. Sometime, the point of a portrait isn’t realistic representation – it’s capturing something intangible about your subject. In cases like these, it is useful to explore some of the more powerful features of Painter.

Digital Painting with Oils

With the painting Moon Over Lennox, this project demonstrates loose, expressive brushwork on a simple landscape with an amazing sky. The Oils and Real Wet Oils in Painter can be used for both acrylic and oil looks.

Sketch it with Wacom®, Paint it with Painter

In this tutorial, Painter Master Cher Threinen-Pendarvis takes you the the process of creating a sketch using Wacom Inkling and then finishing the product in Corel Painter. Inkling is a revolutionary device created by Wacom that allows you to digitally record the process of drawing on paper using the Inkling pressure-sensitive ballpoint sketch pen.

Painting Your Pet

In this tutorial, Painter Master Heather Michelle will show you how to use cloning tools in Corel Painter 12 to transform a photo of a dog named Brutus into a painting.

Painting “S’mores”

Learn how to create a professional quality work of art from Painter Master Don Seegmiller. In this tutorial, he walks you step by step through the process of creating his stunning, fantastical “S’mores”

How to Restore a Painting

Here’s something you’ve probably never seen before. Painter Master Jane Conner-ziser was commissioned to restore an old damaged painting from a church in Italy, and she shows you how in this tutorial.

Wet-to-Wet Painting with Real Watercolors

In this tutorial, Painter Master Cher Threinen Pendarvis demonstrates the “wet-into-wet” technique in watercolor painting. Wet-into-wet is a traditional technique that can be simulated using Painter’s Watercolor layers.

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