Intro to Corel Painter Lite

Intro to Corel Painter Lite

Corel Painter Lite is a beginner-friendly digital art tool, and these tutorials will teach you how to get the most out of it! They cover basic topics like how to use layers, how to customize your workspace, and how to use different brushes.
Image by: Skip Allen

Introduction to Painter Lite

Welcome to the original natural-media software that provides the most realistic digital art experience with intuitive brushes, rich paper textures, and other artistic tools. This tutorial will give you an introduction to the Corel Painter Lite program. It is the natural way to start!

All About Layers

In digital art, the layers feature allows great control and the possibility for elaborate and complex masterpieces by allowing you to separate your creation into separate layers, all customized perfectly!

Using Brush Variants

The tools and media types included in Painter Lite were carefully selected to allow the aspiring artist to ease into the digital painting experience. This tutorial will give you an introduction to Painter Lite’s different brush variant options, and teach you how to choose and use the perfect tool to achieve your desired effect.

Mirror and Kaleidoscope Painting

The Kaleidoscope tool lets you create electrifying kaleidoscope effects on canvas using 3-12 mirrored planes. The Mirror Painting tool copies every stroke you make onto the opposite side of your canvas. In this tutorial you will learn about these two new exciting digital painting effects.

Customizing Your Workspaces

Customizing the Workspaces and other features in Painter Lite allows you to adjust the program to your style and maximize your efficiency. Brush Tracking is one important example, allowing you to adjust your brush variants to your individual stroke strength, which enhances your control for accuracy and detail precision.

Mixing Paint

The Mixer Pad feature in Corel Painter Lite allows you to create a custom color palette to suit your needs by mixing and selecting paint colors, just like if you were using physical paint! You can also access Mixer Pads made by Painter Lite Masters to see what amazing shades they have created.

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