Painter 2015 Tutorials

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Painter 2015 Tutorials

This series of video tutorials will introduce you to what’s new in Painter 2015, focusing on the enhanced features designed to give you greater control over the creative process and brand new features that will inspire you to push your creative vision further. You will also learn about new mobile capabilities that let you paint on the go anytime, anywhere.

Real-time Effects Preview

In Corel Painter 2015 we now have a full canvas preview for many of the effects that allows you to adjust the various settings and slider-bars, while at the same time seeing those effects applied to the actual image in real-time, giving you much greater control over the creative process.

Painter 2015 Content Libraries

With Corel Painter 2015 you can add an extra special touch to your artwork with new, freshly inspirational Papers, Nozzles, Images, Patterns, Weaves, Gradients and Flow Maps.

Painter Mobile

Check out the ultimate art app. Paint on your Android® device, then import into Painter to add the final touches.

Seamless Patterns

In this tutorial, you will learn one way to create a seamless pattern in Corel Painter.

Smart Photo Painting Tools

Painter 2015 allows a world of creativity for your photos. Use unique auto-painting and photo cloning tools to quickly transform photos into works of art.

Custom User Interface Palette Arrangements

In this video we would like to introduce you to the new Custom User Interface Palette Arrangements. Corel Painter 2015 offers preset palette layouts to streamline your workflow. A palette arrangement displays, hides and positions workspace elements such as palettes and panels, to suit a specific workflow.

Creating a Glow Effect

In this tutorial, Painter Master Don Seegmiller demonstrates a simple method for creating a glow around a candle flame or other light source.

Working with Pattern Pens

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to create seamless patterns with some of the pattern pens in Corel Painter. A pattern pen is a type of brush, but rather than producing a solid brush stoke, the pattern pen will draw a section of the pattern.

Revolutionary Particle Brushes

Express your creative vision in ways you never thought possible. Painter 2015 features incredible new physics-inspired Particle™ Brushes that allow for both total chaos and complete brush control, giving you the ultimate freedom to create a work from scratch or enhance a clone painting.

Enhanced Brush Tracking

With Corel Painter 2015 you can reproduce the movement and feel of traditional media using your tablet and pen. The RealBristle™ system represents a major milestone for digital painting, with the ability to respond to pressure, speed, rotation, tilt and bearing – just like real-life brushes.

Introduction to Liquid Metal

In this short video Painter Master Don Seegmiller walks you through working with the Liquid Metal Dynamic plug-in to create shiny metal objects to include in your artwork.

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