Learn alongside professional photographer, Blair Gable, and explore how to become a true iPhoneographer. What lenses work best for the iPhone? How do you adjust for camera focus or white-balance? It doesn’t matter if you’re taking photos underwater, at the beach, or in the mountains – Blair has you covered. Grab your iPhone and start tapping!

Photography Quick Tips
The potential for capturing stunning photos exists everywhere and can strike at any time. Your iPhone camera is a powerful tool for seizing that potential at any moment, wherever you may be. In this series of short easy-to-follow video tutorials, iPhoneography enthusiast and professional photojournalist, Blair Gable, shows you how to take advantage of your iPhone camera’s powerful features to help you capture stunning photographs no matter what your environment. Gable shows you how to make your iPhone camera work for you in a range of scenarios, sharing some great tips and techniques for landscape photography, beach photography, macro photography, and more. Join Gable in these carefully crafted tutorial sessions and discover just how far you can take your iPhoneography.
Natural Lighting in Photography

iPhone Photography Tips

Take moment to get to know your iPhone camera’s functions and settings before you dive into some serious photography. In this quick course you will learn how to use some of the functions available to you such as panoramic and HDR photos, as well as some tricks for managing exposure.

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