Advanced PaintShop Pro Tutorials

Advanced PaintShop Pro Tutorials

Ready to take your PaintShop Pro skills to the next level? Then join us in our Advanced PaintShop Pro tutorial series, ideal for PaintShop Pro users who already have a basic proficiency in the software.

This series of tutorial videos is a wonderful learning resource for those who want to expand their photo editing skills. Sometimes, bringing your vision to life calls for a little bit more skill and know-how than you may already be equipped with, but that shouldn’t stop you from achieving what you set out to do. Don’t be afraid to turn your next photo editing project into a learning experience. Take advantage of our Advanced PaintShop Pro tutorial series and learn how to use a number of more complex techniques such as cloning, batch processing, HDR merging, and photo blending. With a little bit of help from our easy-to-follow tutorial videos, you can execute those more complex edits effortlessly and turn your photos into exactly what you imagined.

How to Watermark Photos

Learning how to watermark photos is a very important technique for photographers to protect their property. In this digital age it can be very difficult to control how your photos are shared once they are in somebody else’s hands. Making a watermark ensures that anyone viewing it knows who owns the rights to it and can also be an excellent form of advertising!

Advanced Cloning

Let the cat out of the cage! Learn how you can use the Clone Brush tool to effectively eliminate unwanted portions of your photos. This video tutorial will teach you all about the cloning technique in PaintShop Pro.

Adding Drama with Selective Color

Selective color is a popular post-processing technique where the majority of an image is converted to black and white, while some parts of the image are left in color. This is a great way to emphasize subject matter in your photos, or add a dramatic tone to them.

How to Create a Bokeh Effect

The “Bokeh effect” refers to the quality of the blurring in the out-of-focus portion of a photograph – for example, when a streetlight in the background just looks like a fuzzy white ball.

Create the Pleasantville Effect: A Colorful Object in a Greyscale Image

Want to spice up your nature photos, or draw attention to a particular object in your photo? This PaintShop Pro video will show you how to add a splash of color to a black and white photo.

HDR Merge

The HDR Exposure Merge feature lets you combine photos taken with different exposure settings to create perfectly exposed images. Ideal for high-contrast scenes with backlighting, such as sunsets and interior window shots, HDR Exposure Merge lets you bring out color and detail in the foreground, midground, and background areas.

How to Make a Panorama

Learning how to make a panorama gives you one more tool to ensure your memories are preserved just as you remember them. Because the human eye has a much wider peripheral than the average camera lens, making a panoramic photo is sometimes the best way to capture that breathtaking skyline the way you saw it.

Making a Fine-detail Selection

Learn how to use PaintShop Pro’s Smart Selection tool and Edit Selection mode to create a fine-detail selection, then remove and replace the background.

Batch Resizing

Tired of long upload times when trying to share photos on the Internet? Batch resizing is very useful when preparing to upload multiple images to the internet or to send via e-mail. This tutorial shows you how to batch process your photos with PaintShop Pro, so you can easily resize them in bulk and painlessly share them with family and friends.

Photo Blending

Photo Blending is a great way of combining the best parts of a series of photos. This tutorial will show you how to use the Photo Blend tool in PaintShop Pro.

How to Add a Motion Blur Effect to Your Photos

Capturing images of people or objects in motion can be difficult. And even if you manage to get a great shot it often doesn’t have the sense of speed and movement you want to convey. This tutorial will show you how to create the illusion of high speed in your photos, using a motion blur effect with PaintShop Pro.

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