PaintShop Pro X7 Tutorials

PaintShop Pro X7 Tutorials

This series of tutorials is aimed at helping you understand and master Corel’s leading photo editing software, PaintShop Pro. Our experts will guide you through the key features, allowing you to unlock PaintShop Pro’s full potential in your personal and professional projects.

How to Create Mask Fills for Text and Shapes

This tutorial will show you how to use the Text Cutter and Shape Cutter tools in PaintShop Pro to create masks in a matter of seconds.

How to Use Color Harmonies in PaintShop Pro

With the Color Harmonies feature in PaintShop Pro, all you have to do is select your primary color and it will suggest complementary color swatches.

How To use the Burn, Dodge and Sharpen Brushes

See how the Burn, Dodge and Sharpen brushes can take your photo touch-ups to a new level, by making subtle adjustments to light and shadow.

How To Use Magic Fill To Remove Unwanted Objects

Here's the easiest way to remove an unwanted object in PaintShop Pro - just create a selection around the object and click the Magic Fill button.

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