Changing Your Appearance

Changing Your Appearance

Learn how to edit your appearance in photographs with this series of video tutorials. One of the most common uses for photo editing software is to make people look good in photos. Whether it’s whitening a smile or removing a blemish, PaintShop Pro makes improving your portraits fast and easy.

Changing Your Eye Color

Experimenting with your appearance is fun! Find out what you would look like with a different eye color in a few simple steps.

Create Vampire Fangs

If you want to know how you’d look like as a vampire creature of the night, we’ve made it easy for you. This tutorial will show you to create vampire fangs on a portrait photo in under 2 minutes.

Create a Digital Tattoo

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with a tattoo? Or perhaps you have a design and want to see if it would suit you before getting it done.  In this tutorial, we will show you how to superimpose tattoo designs over a photograph.

Using the Makeover Tools

Sometimes the model of a photo just needs some touching up. Thanks to PaintShop Pro, a digital makeover is quick and painless. This tutorial will teach you about the various makeover tools you can use to improve your subjects appearance.

Creating the Dragan Effect

The Dragan Effect is one of the most popular image-editing effects right now. Created by Polish photographer Andrzej Dragan, this effect uses dramatic lighting and editing techniques that enhance the tonality and skin texture of the images subject. In this tutorial, you will learn how to simulate the Dragan Effect on your photos using Paintshop Pro. Watch the video above and get started!

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