Photo Editing for Social Media

Photo Editing for Social Media

These days, the most common way to share and view photographs is over social media. That means that they are already in a digital format, and so there’s no reason not to apply a few quick edits before clicking ‘share’. In this collection of video tutorials, you will learn how to edit your photos for various social media networks.

Create a “Lesa Hall” Cartoon Portrait

Here’s a project guaranteed to entertain your social media followers. Learn how to create your own Lesa Hall inspired portraits in PaintShop Pro.

Create a Galaxy View from Your Window

Get creative and make it look like you can see into the galaxy right out of your bedroom window! This is a really easy photo effect to simulate with a few simple tools in PaintShop Pro.

Creating a Meme in PaintShop Pro

Have you ever had a great idea for a meme but didn’t know how to create it? Learn how to do this in PaintShop Pro.

Make a Facebook Cover Collage

Learn how to create a unique and memorable collage for your Facebook cover image, using your own photos and PaintShop Pro.

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