Photography Tutorials

Photography Tutorials

Learn how to take great photos with this collection of photography tutorials. Each course focuses on a specific situation, and brings together relevant tutorials from our collection.

Color and Light in Photography

Food Photography Tutorials

Learn how to take great photos of your food with this series of tutorials. We all love food, and sharing photos of our lunches has long been a social media staple. But unfortunately, these photos are often bland and unremarkable – even when the meal itself is delicious! This series of videos contains tips on taking and editing your food photos.


Photography Quick Tips

Night Photography Tutorials

This series of tutorials will teach you how to create amazing nighttime photos. Night presents a whole new set of challenges and possibilities to a photographer – and these videos will show you how to make the most of it. We cover a variety of photographic and photo editing techniques so you can start working on your next masterpiece tonight! Image by Kelly Gareau


Natural Lighting in Photography

Summer Photography Tutorials

Is there anything more spectacular than a perfect sunset on a warm summer day? This series of video tutorials will teach you how to capture the beauty of summertime. You will learn tricks for taking great sunset photos, and photo editing techniques that will allow you to take your summer images to the next level.

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