A Note from the Pinnacle Studio Team

Oops! Please consider Match Color in Pinnacle Studio 21 a sneak preview… for now!

In the Pinnacle Studio 21.2 update, we accidentally released the Match Color feature before we intended and unfortunately before it was ready for you to use. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and hope you’ll consider this a sneak preview into what we are working on and what’s to come!  

The Match Color feature was included in the 21.2 update by mistake. It’s still in development testing and in its current state, doesn’t meet our requirements. As such, we’ll be pulling it out of the product until it’s ready for prime time. Match Color will be back once we’re confident it meets our standards to provide you with the best editing experience possible.

And yes, we are also busy working on some other exciting new features to bring to your editing workspace!

If you’ve already tried Color Match, I want to assure you it will return and it will be significantly improved. Please accept our apologies and we thank you for your understanding!

Wishing you a happy holiday season!

The Pinnacle Studio Team