PaintShop Pro X7 Named Best Photo Editing Software… TWICE!

PaintShop Pro Named Best Photo Editing Software

PaintShop Pro X7 has been named Best Photo Editing Software by two major reviewers!

First up…

We’re honored to have been presented with the 2014 Photo Editing Software of the Year Award from PhotographyBLOG. We couldn’t be happier to have received this award from Mark Goldstein, professional photographer and Editor of one of the top online resources for photographers based in the UK and around the world. Word of the win came to us a little while ago, but, we couldn’t resist making another quick announcement and sharing their 4.5 star review.

PhotographyBLOG reviewer Matt Grayson calls PaintShop Pro “a system that gets better with each release and X7 is arguably their best yet… After all, for the price you’re getting an extremely powerful editing tool. When you compare X7 to Adobe CC the cost is a major contributing factor.”

And Win Number Two Comes From…

Top Ten Reviews naming PaintShop Pro the 2015 Gold Award winner in their Photo Editing Software Review. Our overall score of 9.88 out of 10 beat out Adobe, Cyberlink, and seven other competitors to claim the top spot as the number one pick for best photo editing software of 2015. Top Ten Reviews focused on several dimensions, from in-program features such as editing tools and organizing capabilities, to help and support services.

I know the whole team here at Corel Photo is thrilled that, through our dedication to helping photographers and designer create their best ever work, we’re able to provide a product that both users and reviewers alike can get excited about.

Test Drive an Award-Winner

These awards come at a useful time too—we’re getting more and more inquiries from photographer and designers who are averse to the subscription model (we’re looking at you, PhotoShop CC) and naturally we’re more than happy to invite people to join us under the big PaintShop Pro tent.

If you haven’t clicked through one of the links already to read the full reviews from PhotographyBLOG or Top Ten Reviews, I definitely recommend heading over to check them out to get the scoop on all the details on why they ranked PaintShop Pro the best photo editing software. And, of course, feel free to share this post.

Want to take PaintShop Pro for a test drive? Download the free 30-day trial!

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