Ready for the Nik Collection? You Are With NEW PaintShop Pro X8.2!

Hey there, Corel Photo Community!

We’re excited and proud to announce the release of PaintShop Pro X8.2, the latest update to our flagship photo editing and design software. Free for all registered users of PaintShop Pro X8, you can download PaintShop Pro X8.2 right now, or wait to receive your in-product notification rolling out over the next day or so.

Our second update delivers a variety of new features and bug fixes, including instant access to more than 25 new camera profiles, over 20 additional lens correction profiles, and a new “classic” option that lets you choose to revert to the pre-X7 Material Palette. This new customization option came directly from your feedback and now make it possible to choose the Material Palette that best suits you and your workflow. As always, we packed in a selection of enhancements and bug fixes on top, a full list of which can be found in our official release notes.

We’re also very excited to include in PSPX8.2, an improvement that makes PaintShop Pro X8 fully compatible with the Nik Collection by Google. 

Ready for Nik?

A long-time favorite of PaintShop Pro users, the Nik collection offers a ton of creative power. PSPX8.2 resolves some compatibility issues with Viveza that previously prevented users from taking full advantage of these incredible plugins.

Our team tested each plugin to make sure every single element was good to go. Now, anyone running the latest update to PaintShop Pro X8 can use this amazing collection.

The Nik Collection includes seven powerful plugins, ranging from special filters (kind of like supercharged Instant Effects, for anyone familiar with the Adjust tab) to retouching, sharpening and lots more.

Using the Nik Collection with PaintShop Pro

Got the Nik Collection downloaded and ready to get started?  Check out our post on how to add plugins to PaintShop Pro!

Here’s a peek at what you get:

Exploring the Google Nik Collection

How to Use Plugins in PaintShop Pro

Using Analog Efex Pro to Get the Look of a Classic Film Camera

Using Color Efex Pro to Correct Color, Retouch and Create Effects

Using Dfine to Control Color Noise

Using HDR Efex Pro

Using Sharpener Pro to Bring out Hidden Detail

Using Silver Efex Pro to Create Black and White Images

Using Viveza Pro to Adjust Color and Tonality

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  1. Yvan L'Heureux says

    Hy, Can you tell me how to install the plug-in in PSP X8.2 , or is it complete outside software ?
    I have download the Nick Collection and work individually but can we have plug-in installed ?

    Thanks for help


    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hi Yvan, To find the NIK Collection after installing them to your C drive head to:

      • File > Preferences > File Locations > Plug-ins
      • Click the ADD button
      • Point to C:Program FilesGoogleNik Collection (or wherever you installed the NIK Collection)

      Hope this helps!

  2. Janko Kernc says


    As a long term PSP user (currently X8 /18.2) this is a wonderful information. However I have a problem with the Viveza2 plugin: It loads normally from within PSP, but the main preview shows completely wrong colors. The colors are normal in the small loupe window (bottom right).

    If there is there a solution to this problem I would very much appreciate it.




    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hi Janko: Thanks for letting us know! While our team investigates a fix, the best workaround to resolve this issue is to quickly resize your image using PaintShop Pro first, then sending it to the Viveza plugin to complete your edits. Hope this helps and thanks again for sharing your feedback.

      • Janko Kernc says


        I tried different methods of resizing the picture, but it only succeeded at certain (not all) magnifications, when the un-edited file is a jpg type. When loading a tif (or raw) file the resizing trick does not work.
        Is there any possibility that Viveza plugin will work correctly in PSP, Either X8 or newer series?



    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hi Emmy, great question. Once you’ve run the Nik Collection install file, go to your File menu in PSPX8 and go down to the Preferences option. From there, click File Locations then scroll down until you find Plug-ins. Now click the Add button and find the Nik Collection folder that was created when you installed the plugins (for me it was in C:Program FilesGoogleNik Collection). Click OK and that should do it… you’ll now find the Nik Collection in the Effects menu under Plugins. Hope this helps!

      • nick says

        That doesn’t work for me. I got the update, even tried reinstalling, but no dice. It is not showing up in either the 32 or 64 bit version.

  3. nick says

    Actually, figured it out. The problem I had was that I told it to install to the PSP plugins folder, but PSP didn’t like it there. When I added the folder in the google folder under program files, it found it.

    The issue for some us is probably when it ask us to point it to the plugin folder for a program it doesn’t recognize, we figure that’s where we should be looking for it…

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hey Nick, glad to hear you got it worked out. We’ll add a separate post soon with instructions on adding the plugins to PSP. Thanks for letting us know.

  4. James Nelson says

    Alex or Anyone,

    I updated the latest version of PSP (8.2) and I installed the Nik collection. The image that’s shown in Viveza 2 is unsaturated of most color (one step above black and white). When you use the control points the image changes accordingly to your adjustments, yet it still doesn’t have the color of the image in PSP. When changes are in the process of being made you don’t know if you added/subtracted too much of whatever you’re trying to change because the image on PSP and on Viveza 2 are very different. In the Loupe window the image does seem to have the same color as the original (only parts of the image are visible though). I’ve installed and uninstalled the Nik Collection multiple times, yet it still does the same thing. The other plugins seems to work however.
    If anyone could get back to me that would be greatly appreciated.

    James Nelson

  5. Jim says

    Hi All,

    Would it be possible to say which versions of PSP support the NIK plugins. I was looking at PSPx9 Ultimate at it has ASP for RAW image imports but I cant see if it supports the NIK plugins.
    I bought Photoshop Elements 14 to support the NIk plugins but found it unusably slow and prone to crashing. ( With 12Gb RAM!)


    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hi Jim, great question! PaintShop Pro X8 and any future versions will be compatible with the Nik plugins. If you’re interested in PSP X9 Ultimate, you’ll be good to go with Nik! Hope this helps.

  6. James T says

    Terrific that the Panasonic G7 is now included so I had to try opening an RW2 in PSPX8. Opened fine, as it did yesterday, ie. before SP2 , but the G7 is still not in the list of supported cameras.
    Am I being a complete simpleton here – I can see the NIK collection so SP2 is release, isn’t it?
    I assume it’s something I haven’t set up?

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hi James, sorry for the delay on this one! The Panasonic G7 is supported and should be listed among the supported cameras. If you’re not seeing it there or still experiencing issues, please contact our support team ( and we’ll everything fixed up for you. Thanks.

  7. Peter Müller says

    If you want to use the nik collection than it is not allowed to install it in the plugins folder. Put it outside from the corel folder in a separate folder. Than make a link in the preferences – file locations and plugins. That works. Very much thanks to nick who figured it out.

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hi Peter, to use the Google Nik collection with PSP, all you need to do is point PSP to the right folder. Go to the File menu, select Preferences > File Locations. Find the Plugins option, point PSP to the folder that holds your Nik plugins and you should be all good to go. Hope this helps!

  8. Melissa says

    I can not get PSP X9 to recognize the Nik Collection. HELP!! I have done all the steps listed above for changing the file locations or should I say adding it to the file locations but still nothing. Even tried both 32-Bit and 64-Bit versions of PSP X9. Any help and suggestions is GREATLY appreciated!!!!

    • Alex Brazeau says

      Hi Melissa, have you tried pointing PaintSHop Pro to the folder where the Nik plugins reside? Go up to the File menu and select Preferences > File Locations. In that pop-up, locate the Plugins option and then point PSP to the folder that holds your Nik plugins. Hope this helps!

  9. Shawnna Sterling says

    I am very upset with this, You say it is (free) and show the filters we will receive so why is it not free?! I purchased 2018 ultimate and got a dl saying it was free. I installed it using Corel’s program and when I open the filters it says BUY! when I click on cancel it closes the filter… so what is up with that? why are we being sucked into dl something told it is free and shown the plugins we can use but nothing works unless you but it… please fix this if you claim it is free then you need to uphold that! thanks

    • gilliandarby says

      Hi Shawna,

      We’re sorry to hear you are having difficulty with this. While there are some filters and other applications available to purchase from within PaintShop Pro, the Google Nik Collection is free and you should not have to make a purchase in order to use them. You can find instructions on how to get them working in PaintShop Pro here:

      If you are still having difficulties, is it possible for you to send a screenshot image of the message you are receiving to so we can look into this further?

      Best regards,

      The Discovery Center team

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