How to take a great selfie with your iPhone

How to take a great selfie in two easy steps!

Step 1: Be really really ridiculously good looking.

Step 2: Point and shoot.

JUST Kidding!

The latest, hottest trend in the world of photography and social sharing are selfies, according to major news publications. (Also, the latest, hottest trend in shoddy reporting about ‘millenials.’) But the simple truth is that most selfies aren’t any good. No, even looking like Derek Zoolander isn’t going to cut it. Although that hasn’t stopped literally millions of people from doing their best ‘blue steel’.

The good news is that taking a great selfie is actually very easy. Just remember the following guidelines:

1.      Front-camera. I hope this is obvious. Look at the image on your screen before you take it.

2.       Good lighting. This isn’t always possible, but if you’re trying to look good, you are going to need some proper lighting. Remember that the ideal lighting for portraits is soft, evenly distributed light. (Watch this video if you aren’t sure what soft light is.)

3.       Clear purpose. Remember that the point of a selfie is to communicate something. If you’re trying to show how much fun you’re having, look happy! If you’re at the Eiffel tower, make sure you get it in the frame!

4.       Fearlessness. Commit to your pose. You know what looks even sillier than you and your friends roaring like lions? You and your friends sort of roaring. Pose with confidence.

5.       Discretion. It’s the better part of valour, as they say. If you follow #4, you’re going to wind up with some horrifying images. No problem! Don’t share them. Press delete and try again!

6.       The rules of composition. Selfies are photographs, so all the same rules apply. Think about balance and use the rule of thirds.

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