Video Tips


February 12, 2014

Make a List, Check it Twice!


Before leaving to go on a film shoot, create a checklist of all the equipment you will be taking. You can also use this list on the way out to make sure that you have not left any equipment behind....

February 5, 2014

Vacation Memories


While on vacation, it’s common to take tons and tons of scenery footage. The waves rushing in, trees swaying in the wind, the sun setting… these are all magical moments to capture, but don’t forget to film the human...

January 28, 2014

Take Advantage of the Light


When filming an event or special occasion that lasts all day, try to film as much as you possibly can during the day or in other well lit scenarios. Once the sun goes down or you move to a dimly lit reception, you may have a hard time...

January 21, 2014

Slideshows for Special Occasions


Do you have an upcoming birthday or special anniversary in your family? A slideshow can be a great gift for loved ones and a nice surprise. You can create a “memories” type of slideshow filled with photos of the guest of...

January 21, 2014

Have an Assistant


In many cases, your footage will be significantly improved if you are able to gather two perspectives simultaneously, and cut between them. For an interview, it’s great to have both a wide shot and a close-up – if one person is talking...

January 6, 2014

Winter Activities


Fun family activities are great for home videos. And, the winter is full of them! Have fun filming while you’re out and about skating, building snowmen and tobogganing....

December 30, 2013



Over the Holidays, we tend to do the same things from year-to-year. As boring as that sounds, it’s actually a very important part of growing up and helps us to create special bonds. It’s also a lot of fun to edit after...

December 23, 2013

Happy Thoughts


Try filming your loved ones’ thoughts and feelings about the Holiday Season this year. Sit them down for a few seconds and ask them questions. What did you ask Santa for this year? What would the perfect snowman look like? This...

December 15, 2013

Monitor Your Audio


Even with good audio equipment, you still need to be vigilant to ensure that your levels aren’t too high or too low. This is especially important if you aren’t shooting under studio conditions – if you are outside or at an event, the...

December 9, 2013

Food Tip: Movement


When capturing shots of food over the holidays, do your best to film shots with movement in them.  Steam rising from your potatoes, marshmallows falling into your hot cocoa, bubbles bubbling in your bubbly… You can even get...

December 3, 2013

Enjoy the Moment


With the Holidays coming up, we’re all gearing up to take lots and lots of video of memories in the making. While you wouldn’t dare miss filming a baby’s first Christmas or a loved one opening the gift you’ve...

November 25, 2013

Get Reaction Shots


If you’re filming a special event, be sure to film people’s emotions and reactions. This is not only important to your client, but will also give your viewers lots of emotional queues that will help them to understand what is going on...

November 19, 2013

Shoot Wide to Orient Your Viewer


It’s often helpful to open with a quick wide shot that sets the mood. Most of your footage should be close-ups of the action, but it can be disorienting for your viewers if they can’t tell where the scene is or what is happening. A...

November 12, 2013

Plan Your Work


Whether you are shooting an event or a scene for a documentary, you usually have some idea of what’s going to happen before you start shooting. Use this to your advantage! Make a list of the things that you know will happen (guests...

November 7, 2013

Save Yourself Time


If your entire project requires an adjustment such as white balance or volume increase/decrease, apply them to the captured footage in the timeline before you begin editing, that way you will only have to make those changes once,...

November 5, 2013

Using the Zoom Function


Make use of the zoom function in your video editor. By zooming in, you can make more precise cuts, down to a single frame. Zoom out to scroll along large portions of video to locate the next spot to work on....

October 29, 2013

Keep Titles Simple!


When adding text to your video, make sure that it’s readable. This is usually best achieved by choosing simple, easy to read fonts as well as a color that contrasts the video, such as a white fill with a black outline....

October 28, 2013

Divide & Conquer


Editing large video projects such as weddings or sporting events can seem overwhelming. To combat this, make large cuts to separate your captured video into segments and then edit one segment at a time....

October 24, 2013

New Projects


When beginning a video editing project, always create a new folder in Windows to store all the files that will be used. This will keep things organized and prevent having to re-link content later....