Transformers Digital Art & Illustrations

As many of you already know, the highly anticipated “Transformers: Age of Extinction” movie came out this past weekend.  Bursting with the quality special effects we’ve come to expect from Director, Michael Bay, and dramatic death matches intertwining robot and beast, it’s no surprise that this early summer blockbuster racked up $100 million domestically and roughly $201 million worldwide on it’s opening weekend.

In honor of the 4th installment of the Transformers movies, we have put together a list of impressive digital art pieces and illustrations of some of our favorite bots.

Optimus by mastaczajnik
Ratchet by Danny Pak
Starscream by EspenG
Transformers by Justin25_rocks
Transformers Optimus Prime by RaptorKraine
Transformers: Ironhide by KwokKinYuen
Transformers MTMTE TARN by Meiphon
Making of Transformer – Death Blow by Alon Chou

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    • Adam says

      Older versions of PaintShop are fine! We are always happy to see and share your artwork.

      Discovery Center Team

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