Playing with Audio

Playing with Audio

By Discovery Center Team

Adjusting the sound in your video is an important skill for all video editors. The Sound Mixer in VideoStudio lets you have a greater control over the audio characteristics in your project. This tutorial will take you through using the Sound Mixer and how to maximize the audio in your video projects.

You will learn how to:

Access the Sound Mixer tool and use the audio overview of your project.
Visually adjust the volume levels of individual video, voice, and music clips.
Add custom nodes to customize the volume and audio track of your project.


This article will teach you how to use the Sound Mixer to fine-tune audio in your projects.


What is the Sound Mixer in the Toolbar.

The Sound Mixer Workspace


Clicking the arrow in the Overlay or Music Track buttons lets you choose other overlay or music clips in your project. You can interactively adjust the volume by selecting a track, clicking the Play button and moving the Volume slider.

There are two modesStereo and Surround. To adjust the Center Channel or Sub-woofer Sliders, you must be in Surround mode. You can reset the Volume, Center Channel or Sub-woofer sliders by right-clicking them.

The Channel Control lets you pan left or right in Stereo mode. In Surround mode you can pan front to back as well as left and right, giving you full control of audio positioning in a Surround sound project.

Clicking the arrow in the Overlay or Music Track buttons lets you choose other overlay or music clips in your project.

Working with Nodes

Nodes are points that you can add to an audio track to specify a volume change. Clicking the volume bar in an audio track adds a node, which you can adjust to change the volume. Dragging a node up increases volume, dragging down decreases it, and dragging it left or right sets where the volume change starts or ends. You can also adjust volume by clicking the Play button in the Sound Mixer and moving the Volume slider.


Adding nodes

1. Add a video or audio track to the Timeline.
2.Click on the Surround Sound Mixer tab.
3. In the Timeline, position your cursor over the red line running through the track
4. When your cursor changes to an up arrow, click on the red line to add a node.
Removing nodes

1. Position your cursor over the node you want to remove.
2.Drag it off the track.

Working with Surround Sound

Click Settings menu >> Enable 5.1 Surround


Working with Surround Sound

When working with Surround Sound, select the track you want to adjust, click the Play button on the Surround Sound Mixer, move the Channel control to position track.

When playing back the project, you’ll see any nodes you added to the track to indicate changes in the Surround Sound pan. Based on how you positioned the audio tracks, a track icon will move around on the speaker setup.

After you’ve learned the basics of adjusting audio volumes and panning, try adding a few more audio tracks using the techniques covered in this tutorial to create a new sound scape for your video.


Thanks for watching! We hope you found this tutorial helpful and we would love to hear your feedback in the Comments section below. And don’t forget to visit our social media pages and show us what you’ve learned by sharing your photos, videos and creative projects with us.

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