The Edit Workspace

The Edit Workspace

By Discovery Center Team

This tutorial introduces you to the third and most advanced of the three Workspaces in PaintShop Pro – the Edit Workspace. You will get to know the interface of this Workspace which contains the full suite of image editing tools.

You will learn how to:

  • Use the toolbars and menus.
  • Manage the Palettes that contain your editing tools.
  • Use Learning Center to maximize your use of PaintShop Pro.

You will also be introduced to the various powerful editing tools of this Workspace. Check out some stunning photos that were created in the Edit Workspace of PaintShop Pro!

This tutorial will tour you through the layout of the Edit Workspace and introduce you to the tools and features that will allow you to edit and enhance your photos! The  Edit Workspace is the third Workspace and gives you access to the full set of photo editing tools in PaintShop Pro.
You will learn:

  • The layout and features of the Edit Workspace.
  • How to use some of the most useful features.

You can access the Edit Workspace by clicking on the Editab at the top of your PaintShop Pro window. The layout of the Workspace is as follows:

– Menus and tool bars are on the  top and left. These tool bars contain a wide variety of options, and you are certain to find everything you need to accomplish all kinds of tasks – from simple touch-ups, to creating elaborate works of art! Be sure to explore all the possibilities, including the Image, Adjust, and Effects menus, and use the Learning Center for detailed explanations on the possibilities of each tool.



– The Learning Center is on the far right. The Learning Center can be a useful resource for both beginner and advanced users of PaintShop Pro to learn more about the editing tools.



– The Preview Window is in the middle.



– The Organizer tray is on the bottom.



– The Navigation Palette is not visible, but can be accessed by clicking twice on the icon located on the Organizer tray (on the bottom left) for quick and easy access to new photos.



– The Layers function allows you to separate out edits. Layers are a fundamental tool to allow you to work on specific edits without compromising the rest of the image.


If you enjoyed this tutorial, be sure to check out the other tutorials that are available in the Discovery Center.  If you have any ideas for tutorials or projects that you would like to see in the future, please leave us some Feedback.

Thanks for watching! We hope you found this tutorial helpful and we would love to hear your feedback in the Comments section below. And don’t forget to visit our social media pages and show us what you’ve learned by sharing your photos, videos and creative projects with us.

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