Introduction to Pinnacle Studio

Introduction to Pinnacle Studio

This series of video tutorials will get you started using Pinnacle Studio. You will get familiar with the Pinnacle Studio interface, and learn how to organize your videos. You will also learn basic video editing techniques, which can be applied to any project.

Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate Review

Get your first look at the NEW Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate, with 360° video editing, track transparency, motion tracking, new effects and more!

What’s New in Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate

Pinnacle Studio Pro Maliek Whitaker takes you on tour of Pinnacle Studio 18, the latest version of this ultimate video-editing software. See what’s new “under the hood” with the native 64 bit architecture providing more speed and responsiveness, plus 4K Ultra HD video support that includes XAVC S.

How To: The Basics of Editing Your Movies

Remember eating grapes at the beach as a youngster? Maybe you have a home video of you and your siblings being goofy? Well, it’s time to edit that home video!

Pinnacle Studio 20 Basic Video Editing

Pinnacle Studio Pro Maliek gives you an in-depth look at the interface and basic editing tools in Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate. If you are new to video editing, this is the tutorial you need to get started.

Basic Video Editing with Pinnacle Studio 18

Pinnacle Studio Pro Maliek Whitaker gives you an in-depth tour of the various video editing tools, modes and techniques in Pinnacle Studio 18. In this tutorial you’ll learn…

Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate Review

Pinnacle Studio 19 is here and available in Standard, Plus and Ultimate versions. In this video your favorite Pinnacle Studio Pro Maliek is here to review what’s new in the latest Ultimate version.

How to Become the Best Movie Maker with Pinnacle Studio 17

It’s time to move onto bigger and better with Pinnacle Studio 17!

You want the best for your family and friends – so why not get the best video editor at an affordable price!