Pinnacle Studio 20 Tutorials

Pinnacle Studio 20 Tutorials

This series of video tutorials will give you a look at the new features and enhancements in Pinnacle Studio 20, the video editing software for professional results. Learn how to edit and convert 360° video, how to adjust track transparency, and much more.

Creating Project Templates

Not only can you create video or photo slideshows quickly with SmartMovie or Montage, but now you can save your finished projects as templates to fast-track your future projects.

Creating Split Screen Videos

Learn how to use the new Split Screen feature in Pinnacle Studio 20.5 to show multiple video streams simultaneously - just drag and drop into the templates.

Video Masking with Motion Tracking

This tutorial will show you how to use Pinnacle Studio's Motion Tracking and Mask Object features in Pinnacle Studio to add cool effects to your videos.

Picture-in-Picture Overview

This short tutorial will show you how to easily create a picture-in-picture effect by resizing any video or image track right in the preview pane.

Add Motion with Pan and Zoom Presets

Pinnacle Studio’s Pan and Zoom presets make it easier than ever to add move movement to your video to focus in on what matters. Zoom in, or pan across your video – customize the motion your way.

Cropping and Resizing in the Timeline

This tutorial will show you how to use the Crop icon in Pinnacle Studio to crop, zoom, resize or create a picture-in-picture effect directly in the timeline.

NEW 360° Video Editing Overview

Learn how to edit 360° video footage, or convert it to standard video, with the 360° video editing feature in Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate.