Pinnacle Studio 21 Tutorials

Pinnacle Studio 21 Tutorials

This series of tutorials will introduce you to the new features and enhancements in Pinnacle Studio 21. Learn how to use the new Split Screen video to show multiple video streams simultaneously, or add new attractive 3D titling for a big-screen feel. Step up to the Ultimate version and use the new Morph Transitions to transform your videos into colorful motion animations with seamless transitions between scenes. Plus enjoy 2,000+ creative effects plus premium effects from NewBlue to enhance every picture, correct imperfections and even stabilize shaky footage.

What’s New in Pinnacle Studio 21

Check out exciting new features and enhancements like morph transitions, wide-angle lens correction, 3D title editor, split screen video and a brand new interface!

NEW Wide-angle Lens Correction

The NEW Wide-angle Lens Correction feature has presets for select cameras and manual controls that allow you to reduce distortion.

Pinnacle Studio 21 Review

Pinnacle Studio Pro Maliek reviews the new features in Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate, like the new interface, 3D titler, morph transitions and more.

NEW Selective Color Effect

Learn how to use the Selective Color feature to add a unique effect by preserving the color of your focus while turning the background to black and white.

Getting Started

Whether you are new to video editing, or just need a refresher, this tutorial will cover the basics of what you need to get started with Pinnacle Studio 21.

NEW Paint Effects

Learn how to transform your video into a cartoon animation with painting and drawing effects like oil paint, cartoon, pencil sketch and more!

Adjusting Speed with Time Remapping

Pinnacle Studio Pro Maliek shows you how to speed up or slow down your video clips using the Time Remapping feature.

NEW Seamless Transitions

Learn how to enhance your transitions using the Seamless Transitions effects to smoothly blend like colors or objects from one clip to the next.

NEW Morph Transitions

Learn how use the NEW Morph Transitions, only in Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate, to seamlessly blend video clips with a metamorphosis effect.

NEW 3D Title Editor

Learn how to use the 3D Title Editor to create custom titles in Pinnacle Studio. You can control the look of the text and how it moves across the screen.

How to Export Videos

Get a look at the new export interface in Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate, along with step by step instructions on how to export a video project.

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