Pinnacle Studio 22 Tutorials

Pinnacle Studio 22 Tutorials

This series of tutorials will introduce you to the new features and enhancements in Pinnacle Studio 22. Learn how to transform your production with new color grading technology and show multiple video streams simultaneously with new Split Screen video. Step up to the Ultimate version and learn how to edit like a pro, using new three and four-point editing capabilities and enhanced 360° video editing. Plus enjoy up to 2,000+ creative effects plus premium effects from NewBlue to enhance every picture, correct imperfections and even stabilize shaky footage.

What’s New in Pinnacle Studio 22

Check out the exciting new and enhanced features in Pinnacle Studio 22, including color grading, three and four-point editing, 3D motion objects, and more.

Color Grading in Pinnacle Studio

Learn how to use Pinnacle Studio's color grading tools to set the tone and mood with color correction, color wheels, LUT, waveform scope, and more.

Split Screen with Keyframes

Learn how to use keyframes in Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate to add motion to your split screen videos and show multiple video streams simultaneously.

Three and Four-Point Editing

Learn how to use three and four-point editing to mark the in and out points of your clips and identify precisely where to place them on your timeline.

Tiny Planet Effects

Learn how to convert your 360° videos into tiny planet or rabbit hole style footage, with the enhanced 360° photo editor in Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate.

360 Video Editing

Go full circle with Pinnacle Studio Ultimate's 360° video editing tools to trim, correct color, add titles or graphics and edit your 360° videos.

3D Motion Titles and Objects

Learn how to add custom motions to enhance your videos and engage your audience, with new 3D objects and titling options in Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate.

How to Use MultiCam Capture Lite

Learn how to record your screen and webcam simultaneously and create engaging tutorial videos with new MultiCam Capture Lite in Pinnacle Studio 22.

How to Use MyDVD to Burn your Movies to Disc

Learn how to use Pinnacle Studio’s MyDVD, the easy disc creation program that lets you turn your videos into professional-looking multimedia disc projects.

Time Remapping in Pinnacle Studio

Learn how to use Pinnacle Studio’s time remapping controls to adjust the speed of your video clips to speed up, slow down or even reverse some scenes.