HD Video Editing Tutorials

HD Video Editing Tutorials

This series of video tutorials will teach you how to work with HD video in Corel VideoStudio. High Definition is rapidly becoming the norm for even amateur video production, and VideoStudio offers a set of tools to have you producing your own high-def videos in no time.

Edit Ultra HD Videos

Many cameras now allow users to shoot High-Definition (HD) footage, for crisp, high-quality video. Ultra HD is four times higher than the standard High-Definition resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels). This tutorial will show you how to maximize your high definition footage in VideoStudio Pro.

How to Set Up HD Video Editing Part 2

Let’s continue our lesson on how to set up HD video editing in VideoStudio. In this second video we will explore some of more technical details of your video clips and how to optimize them for your project. With so many different types of devices video can play on these days it’s important to make sure your video is right for any job.

How to Make HD and Ultra HD Backgrounds

Learning how to make HD and Ultra HD backgrounds opens up infinite possibilities in how you customize your videos. VideoStudio comes with a variety of different frames, backgrounds and color patterns but sometimes modifying them or adding something completely new is needed for just the right effect.

How to Set Up HD Video Editing Part 1

Learning how to set up HD video editing in VideoStudio is essential for producing crystal clear HD and Ultra HD video projects. Take a moment to explore the interface and learn how to optimize the settings to take full advantage of modern 64-bit computers.

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