Video Editing Project Ideas

Video Editing Project Ideas

Looking for some creative ideas for your next video editing project? This series of videos has you covered. It has all sorts of nifty projects, and each tutorial will show you what it takes to make it yourself.

How to Make a Cinemagraph

Learn how to make a cinemagraph in VideoStudio by combining a still image with subtle motion to grab attention on your website or social media.

How to Add Text to an Animated Image

Learn how to add text to a photo animation to create a fun or inspirational animated file to share on social media, using PhotoMirage and VideoStudio.

Make Your Own Promo Video

In this tutorial we'll walk you through the steps to create a short promotional video for your business, starting with a storyboard to the finishing touches on the final video.

Creating a Ghost Effect

Here is a simple technique to add a spooky, supernatural effect to your video projects. This tutorial will walk you through the steps of shooting your footage and using various video editing tools to get the final result.

Creating an Old-fashioned Silent Movie

This tutorial will show you how to create an old-fashioned silent movie in VideoStudio. Learn how to speed up your clips, add title slates, and use filters to get the right look.

Turning Natural Motion into Animation

The Track Motion feature in VideoStudio allows you to capture a natural motion path, for example a bouncing ball, and turn it into a custom animation you can apply to titles and video clips.

How to Make Stop Motion Video

This tutorial will show you how to create a stop motion animation video in VideoStudio, starting with how to capture frame-by-frame videos, to exporting the final video.

Create a Star Wars Intro Text Effect

Here’s how to easily replicate the famous scrolling Star Wars intro text effect using the title editor and custom motion options in VideoStudio.

Handscript Animation

Learn to add and customize dynamic handwritten text animation to your video projects using the ProDAD plugin for VideoStudio Ultimate.

How to Do Time Lapse Video

In this tutorial, you'll learn about the process of creating a time lapse video, starting with tips for shooting time lapse photos, to rendering the final video.

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