VideoStudio X8 Tutorials

VideoStudio X8 Tutorials

This collection of tutorials will introduce you to the new and exciting features of Corel VideoStudio X8. The VideoStudio team has streamlined the interface and added powerful new tools like audio ducking. Our video editing experts guide you through all these new developments, and show you how to use them to improve your video projects.

The VideoStudio X8 Workspace

VideoStudio X8 contains a number of improvements to what was already the easiest-to-use interface in video editing. This tutorial shows you what’s new.

Introduction to Audio Ducking

This tutorial shows you how to use Audio Ducking in VideoStudio X8 to balance the levels of two audio tracks. Audio Ducking is a powerful new feature in VideoStudio X8 that correlates two audio tracks, so that as one increases, the other automatically gets quieter.

How to Create a Cloning Effect

Learn how to apply a simple cloning technique with tips from video editing expert Gripps. For this tutorial he uses cloning to create a short clip of himself interacting with – himself! There are lots of impressive projects you could do once you master this technique.

Using Overlays in VideoStudio X8

This short video explains how to use the overlay track in VideoStudio X8. You will learn about how to use alpha channels, and how to create an overlay track.

Motion Tracking in VideoStudio X8

In this tutorial, we look at the advanced motion tracking capabilities in VideoStudio X8.

Magnifying Glass Effect

Looking for a creative way to highlight your work? Try the magnifying filter in NewBlue FX Essentials IV, new in VideoStudio X8 Ultimate. Our favorite video editing expert Gripps will show you how to use this feature to emphasize various parts of your videos.

How to Use Drop Shadow and Chroma Key Filters

Join video editing guru Gripps for an overview of the new Drop Shadow and Chroma Key NewBlue plug-ins in Corel VideoStudio X8! Learn how to create amazing green screen effects for your video editing projects.

Review of VideoStudio X8 by Gripps

Join Gripps for his review of the new Corel VideoStudio Pro X8! Unleash your creativity with features including Freeze Frame, Audio Ducking & new Creative Overlay options. Powerful add-ons from NewBlue make it easier than ever to create amazing looking movies!

How to Use the Adorage and VitaScene Filters

In this tutorial, video expert Gripps will show you how to use the proDAD Adorage and VitaScene filters that are included with VideoStudio X8 Ultimate. With these filters you can bring style and truly stunning effects to your video projects, and Gripps will show you how easy it is.

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