VideoStudio X9 Tutorials

VideoStudio X9 Tutorials

From easy and fast, to advanced and fun, this is the video-editing software that lets you make every video look its best. Cover all the angles with Multi-Camera editing and improve sound automatically with advanced audio tools. Captivate your audience with 1,500+ customizable filters, effects, transitions and titles, Freeze Frame, Stop Motion and more. Start quickly with the simple 1-2-3 workspace and Instant Projects, then grow your skills with timeline editing.

Using the Track Manager

This short tutorial will show you how to add or remove tracks using the Track Manager in the VideoStudio timeline editor.

How to Use Overlay Templates

Learn how to use overlay templates to turn your video clips into a news broadcast-style video. Download free overlay samples to follow along!

VideoStudio X9 Introduces Multi-camera Editing

See the new Multi-Camera Editing feature in action with 3 easy steps: sync it, click it, play it!

Removing the Fisheye Effect

Want to add or remove a fisheye effect from your video footage? Here's how, with the Lens Correction filter.

Timeline Editing Overview

This tutorial covers the basics of timeline editing - the different features and views, how to navigate and how to use the Track Manager.

Remove the Shake from your Videos with VideoStudio Ultimate

Capturing video with a handheld camera or device? Unless you are using a tripod, you may notice some shake in your footage. Learn how to use the ProDAD Mercalli SE filter in VideoStudio Ultimate to smooth the playback and stabilize your video.

Working with Portrait Videos in VideoStudio Ultimate

Here are 3 creative ways to work with portrait-oriented video clips by applying masks and using backgrounds in VideoStudio Ultimate.

Turn your Photos into Movies with FastFlick

Create memories in minutes! With FastFlick Instant Slideshow Maker you can turn your photos into movies in 3 quick and easy steps.

Adding Music to your Video

Every great movie has a great soundtrack. Learn how to add a music track to your video from the VideoStudio library, your own music or the Scorefitter library.

Adding and Customizing Transitions

Using transitions is a quick and easy way to add some visual impact and interest to your videos. This tutorial will show you how to add and customize transitions in VideoStudio.

Multi-point Motion Tracking

With multi-point motion tracking you can track up to 4 points in your video. Add moving text or graphics to your video, or apply a mosaic blur to faces, logos or license plates that you want to obscure.

VideoStudio X9 Multi-camera Editing Tutorial

This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to screen your footage, switch angles, cut and delete, add transitions and easily align clips with the Multi-cam editor in VideoStudio.

Getting Started with VideoStudio

This tutorial will introduce you to the basics of video editing and provide tips and tricks for using VideoStudio X9.

See what's new in VideoStudio 2021!

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