VideoStudio X10.5 Update Adds 360 Video Editing, New Stop Motion Controls and More!

A note from the VideoStudio Team

Hello VideoStudio community!

We’ve just released a new, free update for Corel VideoStudio X10, our award-winning, easier-to-use video editor!

VideoStudio X10.5 offers our Pro and Ultimate X10 users exciting capabilities that will give you a whole new world of creative options for your next movie – particularly if you’re looking to do more with 360 video! Our VideoStudio team is committed to giving you a great experience throughout the lifecycle of your product and with the X10.5 update, we think you’ll be impressed with the impressive power and value we’ve just added to your favorite editor.

Now’s the time to get into 360!

With VideoStudio X10.5, you can now edit 360 video and export your movie in a 360 video format! As 360 grows as one of the hottest things in video, you now have access to a complete set of editing tools to make the most of your 360 footage. Now you can trim clips, add titles, music, and more to create immersive video experiences. And if you’re looking to direct the action, VideoStudio continues to make it easy to set a path and convert your 360 video to a standard movie.

Plus, you can now take advantage of native support for popular 360 spherical video formats such as fisheye and dual fisheye. Simply import your 360 video and start editing – there’s no need to convert it to equirectangular format first.

Make portrait oriented video from phones and tablets look great!

With VideoStudio X10.5, you can make more of special moments and memories caught on your mobile device in portrait orientation. Explore new editing options for vertical video and export your movies without black bars on the sides!

Stop Motion is even easier!

Stop Motion has been a long-time and favorite feature of VideoStudio. Now you can create a stop motion animation frame by frame with the help of new grid controls for easier alignment. It’s never been easier to get great (and fun) results, quicker than ever.

Ready to try out these new features? Registered VideoStudio X10 users can head over to the VideoStudio Patches & Updates page to download it today.

And of course, we invite you to explore the range of possibilities in VideoStudio X10 – check out our tutorials page to see what you can do with Track Transparency, Time Remapping, and Mask Creator!

We thank you for choosing VideoStudio and look forward to seeing the awesome movies you create!

Michel Yavercovski
Senior Director, Product Management

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