Painter Webinars

Painter Webinars

This collection of webinars will take you through painting techniques and in-depth tours of features to help you master Painter.

Image by Skip Allen

Upcoming Webinars

Creating Packaging Artwork for Toy Makers

Join professional entertainment illustrator Mike Thompson as he demonstrates how to paint Venompool based on a ZBrush sculpt. Corel Painter® is an indispensable part of his very realistic signature style that comes to life with Painter 2020.

What you will learn:

  • How to bring a flattened sculpt into Painter
  • Time-saving tips for realistic rendering
  • How to use Mike’s favorite brushes for specific tasks

Date: Friday – May 29, 2020
Time: 1:00 – 2:00pm EDT

Mike is a freelance illustrator/digital sculptor with 25 years of experience working for clients such as Mattel, Hasbro Nike, Marvel, Coke, Warner Bros and more. Learn more about Mike

Webinar Archive

Introducing Painter 2020

In this webinar, Elite Painter Master Aaron Rutten takes you through an overview of the exciting new features and enhancements in Painter 2020.

Creating Mimetic Art

See how life imitates art! In this webinar, Painter Master Brian Pollett shares his techniques for creating mimetic art using patterns and symbolism.

Creating a Movie Poster

In this webinar, Painter Master Michelle Web guides you through the process of creating a promotional movie poster from concept to finished design.

Fast and Loose Caricature

Digital artist Rhoda Draws shares her Painter caricature techniques, including time-saving custom palettes and tips for working at live events.

Painting a Halloween Image

Painter Master Elite Don Seegmiller shares his time-saving tips using some lesser known features of Painter to create a Halloween-themed image.

Painting Celebrity Portraits

Elite Painter Master Collin Chan shares some of his fundamental techniques for painting celebrity portraits using Painter 2020 stock brushes.

Painting Effortless Fur

In this webinar, Painter Master Elite Heather Michelle Chinn shares her everyday hacks for painting fur and creating animal art from photos.

Paint Like Bob Ross

Follow along with Painter Master Elite Karen Bonaker and learn how to paint a magical landscape painting in the style of Bob Ross using Corel Painter.