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Weekly Challenges – Motion

Up and down. Fast and slow. Forwards and backwards. The speed and direction may change, but the world around us is constantly in motion. Trying to capture a sense of motion in photographs and images is difficult, because you are capturing a moment frozen in time and motion is not always evident in this snapshot. But there are many photography and photo editing techniques that you can use to convey a sense of motion in your images. Check out our featured tutorials and weekly motion-related themes below. We invite you to upload your photos and images, graphic designs or digital paintings to our gallery below, and see what others are sharing.

This Week’s Challenge: Nature in Motion

Nature in Motion can be steady and soothing, like waves lapping on the shore, or swift and exhilarating like a flock of birds suddenly taking flight. Upload your photos and artwork, and browse our gallery to see what others are sharing.

Read our blog post on Panning, a photography technique that will keep your subject in focus while blurring the background, to create a sense of motion and speed.

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