Steve Bain

CorelDRAW Master

Steve is a communication consultant working in hardware and software development industry. He is also the founder of Definio Communications, Inc. whose mission is to help companies migrate from print-based authoring to cloud-based knowledge delivery. In his younger days, Steve worked as publications designer, technical graphic illustrator, photographer, and publishing specialist before the advent of digital technology. He was also an early adapter of digital illustration software and later added “writer” to his skill set, which enabled him to pursue a career as a technical communicator. In the early part of his communication career, Steve has authored books all types of subjects related to web design, illustration, publishing, and bitmap editing applications. He has created content for technology columns, feature articles, journal submissions, white papers, case studies, and instructional tutorials that have appeared in a variety of consumer magazines, newspapers, trade journals, and business documents. He is also author of six reference books on CorelDRAW, including CorelDRAW: The Official Guide versions 10 through 12.