DIY Painted Wood Sign

Learn how to make a DIY Painted Sign in 5 simple steps. Free templates including 6 holiday stencils are available for download.

DIY Photo Ornament

Learn how to make a DIY Photo Ornament in a few simple steps. It’ll be perfect for Christmas tree decoration during the holiday season or as a special gift for family and friends.

DIY Christmas Lanterns

Learn how to make a DIY Christmas Lantern. A perfect decoration or gift for the holiday season. Download our FREE lantern template and follow along the tutorial.

DIY Photo Snow Globe

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a homemade Photo Snow Globe in just 4 basic steps.

DIY Holiday Ornament and Gift Box

Learn how to make a DIY Holiday Ornament and Gift Box in a few simple steps. You can download free templates and make one yourself today!

Photo Transfer on Candle

Learn how to transfer a photo, artwork or even a collage onto a candle for a unique and creative way to display your images.

Packing Tape Stickers

It’s really easy to turn you own photos into stickers using packing tape. Use them to decorate mugs, bottles, storage jars, and so much more!

Make Photo Magnets

Learn how to create custom photo magnets in a few simple steps. These personalized magnets can be a perfect gift for your special ones.

Photo Transfer on Stone

Learn how to transfer a photo, artwork or other digital images onto a stone to create unique gifts, garden ornaments and decorations.

Photo Transfer on Wood

Learn how to transfer a photo onto a piece of wood to make beautifully unique gifts or creative keepsakes of special events.

How to Make a Card

Creating your own birthday or holiday cards and party invitations is easy to do in both PaintShop Pro and CorelDRAW.

Photo Transfer on Canvas

Learn how to transfer your photo onto a canvas in a few simple steps. It’ll be perfect for home decoration or as a great gift for holidays and special events.

Portable Mini Green Screen

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to set up and light a portable DIY green screen using everyday objects, and create your own green screen effect.

DIY Portable Folding Lightbox

Ever wondered the trick to shoot professional looking product photos? The answer is to photograph them inside of a lightbox. This tutorial will show you how to make one at home for almost free.


DIY Overhead Tripod

Do you need a hands-free, overhead view for product photos or video tutorials? Follow these easy steps to build your own DIY overhead tripod.

DIY Love Coupon Book

Learn how to make a DIY Love Coupon Book which’ll be a perfect Valentine’s gift for your significant other. Free templates including 6 different kinds of coupons are available for download

DIY Photo Lamps

See how easy it is to make your own photo lamps, pendant lights or patio lanterns – using your own photos and a plastic bottle.

PaintShop Pro Brushes

Welcome to our PaintShop Pro brushes page! Watch our tutorials on working with brushes, learn about the ParticleShop brush plugin, and download FREE samples of brushes and picture tubes.

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