Featured Tutorials

Painting a Dreamy Seascape

Follow Cliff Cramp’s step-by-step tutorial and learn how to achieve professional fine art results when painting a digital seascape in Painter.

Portraying Ancestry in Forensic Art

Something that beginning composite artists commonly have trouble with is how to make a suspect look more like a specific race or sex. This video will provide tips for getting there.

Tools You Need

Painter 2020

Envision painting perfection with the world’s most realistic and professional digital art and painting software for Mac and Windows.


Create one-of-a-kind effects with ParticleShop, a powerful NEW brush plugin for PhotoShop, CorelDRAW and PaintShop Pro.

Painter Essentials 7

Start your creative journey with Painter Essentials 7, the best paint program for beginners to explore their artistic curiosity using easy-to-learn tools.

Painter 2020 Tablet Bundle

Bundle and save 30% when you buy Painter 2020 and the Wacom Intuos Pro Large tablet.

See what's new in Painter 2020!

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