Get a different freebie every week! Each week we add another product to download on our Freebies page so make sure to bookmark this page and check back often. These freebies are only available for a limited time, so don’t miss out!

Week 1: 2024 Calendar Template

Create a custom calendar with this FREE template and your own photos. Download is available in either .pspimage file format or PNG format.

Week 2: Coming Soon…

Check back each week to see what the new freebie of the week will be!

Week 3: Coming Soon…

Check back each week to see what the new freebie of the week will be!

Week 4: Coming Soon…

Check back each week to see what the new freebie of the week will be!

Week 4: Coming Soon…

Check back each week to see what the new freebie of the week will be!

Freebies from Creation Cassel and Scrapbook Campus

Halloween Punch Template

This freebie from Creation Cassel is a 12×12 inch PNG silhouette with a Halloween-themed cutout on the top. You can use this as a mask and display a photo or you can change its color and use it as a background shape for your project.

Translucent Ghosts Picture Tube

This freebie from Scrapbook Campus is a set of 16 different ghosts that are translucent so you can add them anywhere. They are a PaintShop Pro picture tube so no need to copy and paste anything as you can just click randomly on your project to apply a new ghost.

Featured Products

Autumn Clipart Collection

Decorate your photos, images, collages and more with this collection of over 240 Autumn clipart images in PNG and vector format.

Fall Scripts Collection

Create colorful fall images, gorgeous illustrations and spooky scenes with this collection of PaintShop Pro scripts and picture frame.

Autumn Leaves Brushes

Fall is in the air! Enhance your photo projects by adding some swirling, floating leaves with the Autumn Leaves brush collection.

Retro Warm Matte Scripts

Recreate a popular retro look with this collection of 5 PaintShop Pro scripts that will enhance the colors in your photos and add a matte effect finish.

Falling Leaves Animated Overlays

These 4 animated video overlays for VideoStudio and Pinnacle Studio feature different styles of Autumn leaves that drift, float and swirl gently across your screen.

Vintage Presets for AfterShot Pro

This collection of 5 presets for AfterShot Pro 3 will give your photos a nostalgic, old film look with just one click!

Free trials!

Download a free trial of Corel’s award-winning photo editing, video editing, graphic design or digital art software. No risk. No obligation. No credit card required!

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  1. Michele says

    I love the weekly freebies that Corel gives us. My one complaint is they repeat the same ones over and over. I wish they would offer only new ones.

  2. Judy E Hudson says

    I agree with Pix Smith, my wish is for the programs to work as advertised…
    I purchased the playing card marking photo script, the multi-frame script, and the photo gallery. I have a problem with each script when it gets to the adjusting photo stage. My photo either does not merge into the space, I’m not able to get the photo, or the photo cannot adjust. I asked for assistance with the playing card script and received support until the photo not adjusting stage…

    • gilliandarby says

      Hi Judy,
      If you are having issues with these 3 scripts, please use the contact email address that is provided in the README text file that was included in the product download. The script creator, Creation Cassel, is a PaintShop Pro expert and will help you troubleshoot any issues you are having with the scripts.
      Best regards,
      The Discovery Center team

    • Ron says

      You’ll also find Carole Cassel on Scrapbooking with Paintshop Pro on Facebook. She is also on Paintshop Pro on Facebook. Helps a lot of people with PSP problems. She also is the person who write many of those scripts used in PSP. She does have her own online store with some terrific PSP stuff.

    • gilliandarby says

      Hi Claus,

      Please let us know which program you are having difficulties with so we can direct you to the appropriate learning resources.
      Best regards,
      The Discovery Center team

      • mattmatt says

        I am having problems with purchased bundles. I hit the install and it goes through the motion of installing and when finished. the bundles or scripts are on there

        • gilliandarby says

          Hi Matt,
          Can you try clicking on “Restore Purchases” listed under the Help menu?
          The Discovery Center team

  3. Mauro Micucci says

    Buona sera, dove posso trovare tutorial in italiano per Paintshop Pro 2023 Ultimate o versioni precedenti? Grazie

    • gilliandarby says

      Ciao Mauro,
      Per vedere i sottotitoli nella tua lingua:
      – Fai clic sull’icona “Settings/Impostazioni” nell’angolo in basso a destra del video player
      – Fare clic su “Subtitles/Sottotitoli” e selezionare la lingua
      – Se la tua lingua non è elencata, fai clic su “English (auto-generated)/Inglese (generato automaticamente)”, quindi fai clic su “Traduzione automatica” e seleziona la lingua.
      Distinti saluti
      Discovery Center team

    • Ittai Tadmor says

      I use Pinnacle Studio. When I look at all the add-ons I can buy here I see that the ones that are good for Pinnacle Studio are about 3 times more expensive than those for Video Studio.

  4. Micha says

    Danke für das Free Colored Particles Video Overlay.
    Leider konnte ich es nur als MOV laden
    Die anderen waren doch immer als mp4 abgespeichert
    Gruß Micha

    Thanks for the Free Colored Particles Video Overlay.
    Unfortunately, I could only load it as a MOV
    The others were always saved as mp4
    Greetings Micha

  5. ANN SEEBER says

    The download link for the Spring Collage Templates takes me to the Spring Greenery Script again. Can you fix?

  6. Ron B. says

    It really would be nice if Corel would put these weekly freebies directly into PSP. Maybe within the Store located under the Home tab where many free items can be found when you first install PSP. Maybe include a notification when each one is available for download and allow it to be downloaded and installed from the program itself. I forget to check weekly because the Corel emails do not have a reminder or a link to the freebies each week.

  7. tc says

    Ok. What’s the deal? The Creations Cassel Hanging Photos Template has been a “freebie” on Discovery Center for many weeks. I’ve tried several times to download the link for that freebie and I keep getting a link to Spring Flowers frame. Don’t want the Spring Flowers frame but would really like to try out the Hanging Photos Template. Can you fix this?

    • gilliandarby says

      Hi tc,
      I’m not sure what is causing this issue for you. I’ve double-checked the link and it is correct ( I’ve downloaded the file from that page and it is the hanging photos template. The only thing I noticed is that the browser tab name says “spring flowers” which was the offer last month. However the photo and description on the page is for the hanging photos template. I’ve notified Creation Cassel about the incorrect tab name. Are you not seeing the image and description on the page for the hanging photos template?
      Best regards,
      The Discovery Center team

  8. Ron Sherard says

    Clicking on the link for how to use the free content pack results in a 404 error. Where is the PDF and how does one get it?

    • gilliandarby says

      Hi Ann,

      Motion graphics are for use in video projects, so the Corel software to use would be VideoStudio or Pinnacle Studio.

      Best regards,
      The Discovery Center team

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