Blair Gable

Blair Gable is a freelance photojournalist working and living in Ottawa, Ontario who specializes in political news coverage, professional sports, and environmental portraiture. Having inside access into Canadian federal politics, Blair has been able to photograph some of the most powerful Presidents, Prime Ministers and Royals in the world. Blair works for some of Canada’s largest media outlets, including Reuters, Macleans Magazine, the Globe and Mail, and many other national and international magazines, newspapers and agencies.

Blair uses his iPhone camera as much or more than his DSLR. iPhoneography provides a platform to produce and share photography on-the-fly and an outlet that connects him with other creative visual artists. The ability to instantly connect online gives Blair a new way to share photos from behind the scenes and share creative photos that he finds everyday. iPhoneography has brought back some of the creative joy and freedom to experiment that was lost when photography stopped being his hobby and became his career.

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