Kenjiro was introduced to photo editing and PaintShop Pro by his dad some 20 years ago. As photography became more digital, Kenjiro dove deeper into exploring and perfecting the craft. Since then his enthusiasm for creating artistic photo compositions has only grown. Now Kenjiro shares this passion through his YouTube channel Make Shop Pro where he regularly posts feature-based tutorials, cool techniques and tips. With a creative flair and technical proficiency, Kenjiro is a master at transforming regular photographs into surreal compositions. His favorite feature is the Background Eraser that facilitates isolating interesting subjects that he can then use to create striking composites.

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What do you use PaintShop Pro for?
I use PaintShop Pro primarily for compositing to create surreal images, for fun.

How long have you been using PaintShop Pro for and why PaintShop Pro?
I’ve been using PaintShop Pro for about 20 years now. When I was in high school my dad had Jasc PaintShop Pro on his computer. As photography became digital, this was the program that was available to me to explore the world of photography.

How did you get started in photography?
When photography became digital, learning the craft seemed within reach. I dove in head first and had a great community to help me grow in it. What inspires me is observing images that move me emotionally.

Describe your photography style
I’m mostly about the technical aspects.

How did you become interested in teaching about photo editing and what made you start your YouTube channel?
I’m a project-focused person, and I like to try new things. I wanted to do a learning video channel, and PaintShop Pro is probably the software I know deepest, so I started the Make Shop Pro channel. Since then, I’ve enjoyed engaging in the greater PaintShop Pro community.

What is your favorite feature in PaintShop Pro? Why?
The Background Eraser. In compositing, you isolate objects quite often. This tool facilitates isolating a subject and provides the level of fidelity I’m looking for.

Images by Kenjiro

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