Content Submission Guidelines

Our goal at the Discovery Center is to provide you with the inspiration, knowledge and tools to pursue your creative interests. We love hearing from you, and we especially love seeing what you create! Throughout our site we have galleries for user-submitted digital content – photos, photo editing projects, collages, graphic designs, illustrations, and digital paintings. We encourage you to share this content with us, and see what others are creating. The following guidelines will help ensure that all shared content is suitable for presentation in a public forum.

Some key considerations are listed below but you can view and download a PDF copy of the full Content Submission Terms and Conditions.

1. If you are submitting images or video footage of people other than yourself, check with them first to make sure you have their permission to share these images.

2. The content you submit should be unique and created by you.

3. All images submitted must be no larger than 5MB in size and submitted in JPEG or PNG format. All videos submitted must be as a Vimeo or YouTube link.

4. Your content should not include any copyrighted or trademarked works.

5. We will remove any images or videos that contain any inappropriate content, nudity, indecent acts, illegal activities, violence, obscene gestures or situations. This includes video soundtracks of music or audio that contains inappropriate language or themes.

6. From time to time, we like to share our users’ submitted content on our social media sites or elsewhere on the Discovery Center or Corel websites. And some content may be chosen to be featured in Corel marketing activities. By submitting your content, you are granting us the non-exclusive and royalty-free right to use your image or video submission for these purposes. You can revoke this permission by sending an email to