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Are you a beginner and don’t know how to get started?
Is there a tool or feature that you can’t seem to master?
Do you have ideas for creative projects but don’t know how to bring them to life?

Submit your questions about how to use VideoStudio in the comments section below. Our team of product experts will provide you with answers in a series of Q & A style video tutorials.

VideoStudio Q & A: Session 1

In this video we’ll answer questions submitted by VideoStudio users on the following topics:

0:30 How can I find and search for filters, such as the proDad Mercalli filter in VideoStudio Ultimate?
1:27 How can I remove an FX filter that I added?
2:08 How do you add markers to the timeline to sync photos and video clips with the beat of your music?
3:34 How can I see the audio waveform of a music track?
3:55 How can I delete audio from a video and replace it with a new voiceover or music?
4:24 How can I add motion effects to text and customize text motion aside from the presets in the Title library?