How to Draw a Jack-o-Lantern

Painter Master Aaron Rutten shows you how to draw a colorful Halloween jack-o-lantern using Painter.


Clone Painting with Dynamic Speckle Brushes

Painter Master Jeremy Sutton demonstrates how to use the dynamic speckle brushes for clone painting.


Tools You Need

Painter 2017

Experience Painter 2017, the world’s most expressive digital art software that’s changing what's possible in art.

Smoke and Steam Brushes

Create smoke, underwater vapor, thick ground fog and cobwebs in dark cellars with this collection of 15 brushes.

Painter Essentials 5

Create unique art and incredible photo effects. Easily sketch, draw or paint on a blank canvas with award-winning Natural-Media® brushes that are custom selected for beginners.

Wacom Cintiq 13HD Pen & Touch Display

With ample screen size in a compact, slim design, this tablet is a top choice for creative professionals.

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