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How to Add a Motion Blur Effect
Learn how to add a sense of speed and movement to your photos by adding a motion blur effect with PaintShop Pro.


Stop Motion Animation
This tutorial will show you how to capture images and transform them into a stop motion animation video in VideoStudio.


Webinar: Adding Extra Character to your Designs
CorelDRAW Master Joseph Diaz is here to give you his expert tips for adding extra character to your designs.


Painter Mech Design
Painter Master Robert Stacy explains his concept and design process when creating robots, mechs, and drones.


Find Inspiration & Advice

Beach Vacation-feature

Blog: Family Vacation Video Tips
Check out these tips and tricks on how to create that perfect video your family will cherish and share with pride and that your friends will be impressed by.


Get new free content every week! This week we’re offering a free filmstrip collage template for your summer photos. Check out our Freebies page for more free stuff!


This week’s photo challenge theme is … ACTION! Post your best images on our Facebook page and see what others are sharing.

Tools You Need

Color Comic Scripts

Turn yourself, your friends or even your pet into a comic book character with these 5 PaintShop Pro scripts.

Vacation Memories Slideshow Template

Your vacation may be over but you can relive those special moments with this template for FastFlick.

CorelDRAW Intro Webinar

The best way to get started with CorelDRAW is to attend this 1-hour webinar hosted by our product experts.

Superhero Brush Pack

Take your heroes and villains to the next level with this collection of 15 Superhero brushes for Painter and PhotoShop.


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