Carole Asselin

Carole Asselin

Speciality: Scrapbooking

Carole Asselin (also known online as Cassel) is a long time Paintshop Pro user, who discovered the program at version 7. She loved exploring the powers of the program by "pushing the buttons" on her own. When she heard of digital scrapbooking, it became clear that she then had a purpose for using her PSP. She led a large Yahoo group, teaching people how to create digital layouts and digital elements using only the tools and commands of PSP through hundreds of tutorials.

In 2007, Carole dove down into scripting, a feature that was introduced in PaintShop Pro 8. Over time, she has coded hundreds of scripts to help scrapbookers, designers and photographers work faster and more accurately in creating elements or effects or simply completing repetitive tasks. She is one of the most advanced scripters in the digital scrapbooking world.

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