Everything You Need to Know About PaintShop Pro Brushes

Welcome to our PaintShop Pro brushes page! Here you will find a number of resources to get you started using the brush tools in your photo editing projects. Watch our tutorials and learn how to use brushes, how to adjust their settings, and how to make your own custom brush tips. Download free samples of our custom brush and picture tube collections. And see how the ParticleShop brush plugin will open the door to a world of special effects and endless creative possibilities.


Enhancing Photos with the Burn and Dodge Brushes
Learn how to make subtle enhancements to your photos, using the Burn and Dodge brushes to brighten eyes and enhance other facial features.

Painting with the Art Media Brushes
Discover the artist in you with the Art Media tools in PaintShop Pro. Learn how to use the paints, palettes and brush settings.

How to Create Custom Brushes
In this tutorial you will learn how to make a custom brush using a selected shape or image, and save your preferred brush settings.

Browse the brush collections available in the Discovery Center store!

Working with Picture Tubes


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