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L. Stigsell

Premium Video Training

Whether you’re a novice with little or no experience, or a seasoned professional looking for the latest tips and tricks, Studio Backlot has you covered with training that ranges from basic editing techniques to Hollywood-style special effects just like the pros use. Here’s a sample of the tutorial content that you’ll have access to with your membership.

See what’s included in the Pinnacle Studio complete training course

Chapter 1: Course Overview

  • Course overview
  • How to use the training
  • New player window features
  • Version comparison: What features do I have on my version?

Chapter 2: Installing Pinnacle Studio

  • Installation overview
  • Installing Pinnacle Studio
  • Starting Pinnacle Studio for the first time
  • Finding serial numbers and important information
  • How to reset Pinnacle Studio safely

Chapter 3: Importing Project Files

  • Downloading the free project files used in the tutorials
  • Importing files
  • Creating Project Bins

Chapter 4: What Features Are In My Version?

  • Version-to-version comparison chart

Chapter 5: Using the SmartMovie Feature

  • Creating your first movie with SmartMovie
  • 5 minute premium project pack templates

Chapter 6: Library, Bins and Interface

  • Interface layout and detachable windows
  • Create collections and project bins for quick import
  • Using project notes and library tips
  • Move, remove and delete elements
  • Using Scene Detection
  • Drag and drop timeline
  • Using the new Overlays category
  • Find and create keyboard shortcuts

Chapter 7: Importing Media

  • Importing files from removable devices
  • Importing videos from DVDs
  • Importing from analog devices, VCR and DVD players
  • Snapshot from camera/DVD/VCR
  • Importing 8K video clips

Chapter 8: Exploring the Editing Tools

  • Basic editing
  • Transitions and effects
  • MultiCam and screen capture
  • Color effects and corrections
  • Split screen template creator
  • Motion tracking
  • Using masks and mattes
  • Transparency alpha channels
  • Using blend modes

“ is constantly inspiring me to use new techniques. I’m so glad I’m a member!” 

T. Mohr

Chapter 9: Audio Editing

  • Record and edit voice overs
  • Audio ducking
  • Adding sound effects
  • Audio pitch scaling
  • Detach audio/video
  • Audio corrections and effects
  • Noise reduction
  • Surround sound and keyframing
  • Audio clipping advanced

Chapter 10: Photo-based Movies

  • Creating and saving projects
  • Adding assets on the timeline
  • Basic audio
  • Adding markers on the timeline
  • Using titles
  • Using basic effects
  • Pan and scan
  • Importing 8K video clips
  • Save a project package

Chapter 11: Text Editing

  • Introduction to the Title Editor
  • Motions, animations and keyframes
  • Font sizing, spacing and color
  • Creating static titles
  • Creating motion titles
  • Text credit roll and text crawl
  • 3D animated titles
  • Lower thirds
  • Creative text effects
  • Superscript and subscript text

Chapter 12: Slow Motion and Time Remapping

  • Time remapping speed control

Chapter 13: Exporting

  • Simplified export options
  • Exporting multiple projects and batch render with export cue

Chapter 14: DVD and Disc Authoring

  • The Authoring tab
  • Create a disc with no menu
  • Disc tab interface
  • Choosing menu types
  • Linking menus
  • Editing a menu
  • Disc simulator
  • Burning a disc
  • Creating a looping DVD video
  • Using the MyDVD program

Chapter 15: Chroma Key

  • How to use the Chroma Keyer
  • Change/remove backgrounds for overlays

Chapter 16: Editing 360 Video

  • 360 video editing
  • Adding text
  • Convert 360 video to standard HD video

“I immensely enjoy your training videos. You can either waste time trying to teach yourself or you can do the smart thing and learn from the masters.”

J. Lunina

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“I’m a subscriber who truly enjoys your site. I have done some incredible commercial related stuff with the help of your training and the amazing add-on content you provide in your “Stock” collection.”

J. Stutts, Colorado Springs
Get FREE access for 10 days!

Learn more about courses and take advantage of the free 10-day all-access pass to Studio Backlot when you purchase Pinnacle Studio.