Painting with the Wacom Art Pen

If you have a flat-tip Intuous Art Pen that supports 360-degree barrel rotation, you can adjust your brushstrokes based on the rotation of the stylus.

As you rotate the barrel of the Intuous Art Pen, the flat brush follows the rotation of the pen and you can create wide or narrow strokes.


The dot that appears along the outer circle of the enhanced brush ghost indicates the pen rotation.

Enabling rotation can add an entirely new dimension to your brushstrokes.

To adjust a brushstroke based on the barrel rotation of an Intuous Art Pen

  1. Open any of the following brush control panels: Opacity, Grain, Size, Angle, Airbrush (Feature and Flow), Impasto, Liquid Ink, Stroke Jitter, Blending (Saturation and Bleed), Color Expression, or any of the Particles or Thick Paint panels.
  2. Choose Rotation from the Expression list box.


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