Using Textures in Cloning

You can use a texture as a clone source. Explore the preset textures provided with Corel Painter, or create your own custom textures. If you have content assets that you want to reuse, add them to the Texture library as textures, and then use them in your projects.

Create your content assets, import them into the Texture library, and use them as clone sources in your painting or photo collage.

To use a texture as a clone source

1. Create a new document or open an image.
2. In the Clone Source panel (Window > Clone Source), choose Texture from the Source list box.
3. Click a texture thumbnail in the Painter Textures library.
To see the texture in the document window, enable the Show Texture check box.
Tip: To adjust the texture visibility, move the Visibility slider
4. In the Brush Selector panel (Window > Brush Selector Panel), choose a cloner brush.
5. Apply brushstrokes to the canvas.

Tip: To auto-paint a texture, in the Auto-painting panel (Window > Auto-Painting Panels > Auto-Painting), enable Smart Stroke Painting, and click Play.

Learn more about cloning in the Corel Painter Help.


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