Bryan Bowermaster


Bryan has been creating videos since the age of 13, a passion that led to launching his own production company, Bowermaster Productions, in 2017. He began using VideoStudio that same year, and now enjoys making music videos, documentaries, short-films, and public service announcements, though his passion extends to all types of filming and the process thereof.

Bryan draws his inspiration from his everlasting faith in the goodness of life, and aims to show that through passion. He creates incredible videos that are showcased on the Bowermaster Productions YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram profiles. He recommends VideoStudio to anyone who is serious about their production value, and prefers to work with a slew of useful tools at their disposal at all times.


Alex Olsen


Alex began learning how to edit videos when he first started making videos for YouTube in 2014. When looking for an editing software, Alex prioritizes ease of use, reliability, consistency and cool bonuses like effects and transitions. Alex has been using VideoStudio for almost five years, and loves the variety of transition styles and special effects that he can overlay to his clips.

When Alex is producing videos for his YouTube channel, SlickPorcupine, he aims to make his videos feel cinematic so they are entertaining and worthwhile to his viewers. He puts thought and creativity into every video. Combining his passions for gaming and video editing has meant that he is able to come together with friends to create videos to share with the video community!


Matt McDowell


Matt has been creating videos since he started using his parents first VHS camcorder 35 years ago. His videos are inspired by amazing locations and activities he does with his friends and family in British Columbia, Canada. He likes to create sports and outdoors videos, and his video editing goes hand in hand with those active hobbies

He uses a GoPro camera and sometimes a drone to shoot footage for his videos, and has been editing in VideoStudio since 2000. The audio mapping feature is his favorite, helping him to sync clips with music beats. His videos often feature sweeping drone shots of the beautiful landscape, with candid moments of himself and his friends and family hiking, kayaking, skiing, and more.


Jan Nademlejnsky

Aerial Videographer

Jan started editing video 47 years ago a black and white 8mm movie camera, and has progressed as video technology developed to current HD cameras. Jan mostly creates multi-camera flying videos, and takes aerial photos. His love for flying and his opportunity to share a unique perspective with others living in his area inspire his videos. He also creates videos of family, holidays, motorcycle rides and other videos to share on Facebook and YouTube.

Jan has been editing with VideoStudio since the first version was released.