Alex Olson

Alex began learning how to edit videos when he first started making videos for YouTube in 2014. When looking for an editing software, Alex prioritizes ease of use, reliability, consistency and cool bonuses like effects and transitions. Alex has been using VideoStudio for almost five years, and loves the variety of transition styles and special effects that he can overlay to his clips.

When Alex is producing videos for his YouTube channel, SlickPorcupine, he aims to make his videos feel cinematic so they are entertaining and worthwhile to his viewers. He puts thought and creativity into every video. Combining his passions for gaming and video editing has meant that he is able to come together with friends to create videos to share with the video community!

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Why VideoStudio for Alex?

“I’d recommend VideoStudio for any beginner trying out video editing for the first time that doesn’t want to pay the premium associated with some other third party video editing software. VideoStudio has some dope features that are streamlined and easy to use for a more enjoyable user interface experience.”

Videos created by Alex