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Correcting Perspective Distortion

If your photos of buildings are looking crooked or skewed, you can fix this quickly and easily using the Perspective Correction tool.


Negative Space in Photography

Learn how to use the concept of “negative space” to properly position subjects in your photos and add a sense of direction.

Tools You Need

PaintShop Pro X9

Bring ideas to life with the image editing and design versatility of PaintShop Pro X9.

Grunge Splash Brushes

Add a funky grunge effect to your photo projects using this collection of 16 brushes for PaintShop Pro.

AfterShot Pro 3

Edit faster and produce high quality images in no time with the world's fastest RAW photo-editing software.

Detail Enhancement Script Bundle

Turn any photo into a striking image with 4 detail-enhancing scripts, with light, medium, heavy and extreme effects.

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Urban Photography Ideas

The stark industry of an urban environment can make for some of the most unique and impactful backgrounds to your photos. Check out this blog post for some inspiration!



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Life in the big city is exciting, and so is the variety of buildings and structures available for you to capture. Upload your photos and images of skyscrapers, factories and other urban buildings, and browse our gallery to see what others are sharing.

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