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How to Add Rain to a Photo in PaintShop Pro
Learn how to add a realistic rain effect to an image in PaintShop Pro, using selection tools, layers, noise, brightness and contrast, and motion blur.

Sync your Video to a Beat in Pinnacle Studio
Learn how to synchronize your video to a beat in Pinnacle Studio, to highlight key moments or climax in the action or transition between images.

Import a Font Database in CorelDRAW
See how you can preserve your font collections with Corel Font Manager 2021, which has new features to import and export font collections and folders.

Using the Growth Effect to Create Foliage in Painter
Here is a quick and easy way to add some interesting foliage to your Painter artwork, using the Growth effect and a custom Image Hose brush.

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NEW Photo and Art Contest!

Have you captured a unique and creative image of a bridge? Share your photos, paintings and illustrations for a chance to win a great prize package. Contest is open from March 14 to April 31, 2021.


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User Spotlight

This week’s user spotlight is Bridge to Heaven by Kai Schuster. We would love to see how you are using Corel products for your creative projects. Share your work in our user galleries, meet other community members and exchange tips and tricks, get inspired and never stop creating!

Tools You Need

Morning Sun Script

Recreate the magical lighting at dawn with the Morning Sun script for PaintShop Pro, which simulates the early morning light and glow of the rising sun.

Animated Filmstrip Transitions

Use these 15 filmstrip animations with sound FX as moving scene changes in between clips to give your video a fast, modern look.

Evening Sky Scripts

The Evening Sky scripts for PaintShop Pro will add a sunset glow to your photos, with 5 different color effects from soft to vivid.

Spring Presets

This collection of 5 AfterShot Pro presets will give your photos a beautiful and bright Springtime glow.


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